It’s the right time of year. The dark red one bloomed last month and the dark pink (or is it light red?) one is gorgeous right now. I notice the dark red one has new buds and I think they’ll be open by the end of the week.

Christmas cactus blooming
Christmas cactus blooming



    1. They need natural light, a cool room, and don’t water them unless they are really dry. They really ARE cacti, even though they have no thorns. Benign neglect is the key. Put them by a bright window — east or even north if it’s pretty bright and leave them alone. Fussing makes them drop their buds or not bud at all.

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        1. Most people work too hard at these. They are true cactus and if you water them too much and touch them a lot, they do poorly. The less attention you give them, the more they will bloom. I know that sounds a bit weird, but cacti are easy keepers, as long as you understand that they don’t want to be kept moist or handled much πŸ™‚

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    1. They need a natural cycle of light and dark … a window in a room you rarely use works. We hardly use the dining room anymore, so their primary light is from the French doors. Water them ONLY when they are really dry. If you have the right light and leave them alone, they bloom. If you don’t have the right light, they won’t do well.

      It’s like me with poinsettias and orchids. They NEVER bloom for me and usually up and die pretty fast. I don’t have the right light.

      I have learned over the years to not fight nature. I grow what does well where I live. We don’t get much sun, so anything that needs more than a little sun does poorly here. But shade loving plants do great, so that’s what I grow.


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