Share Your World – 2016 Week 50

What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

Vanilla. It reminds me of vanilla cookies and ice cream. Mmm.

What type of pet do you have or want to have?

We have dogs. We used to have even more dogs and cats, too. Before that, we had cats and ferrets. And the occasional bird and tropical fish — though the fish were really my son’s.

Two dogs and a computer. The computer is also a pet, of sorts.
Two dogs and a computer. The computer is also a pet, of sorts.

When I was younger and my back less arthritic, I really, really, really, really, really wanted a horse or two. By the time I lived where I could actually have a horse, I could no longer ride.


Or, as we used to say in that other country in which I lived, “God gives nuts to those who have no teeth.” Think about it.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

These days, more or less on time. I used to be early, but Garry slowed me down. He used to be late, but I speeded him up.

Photo: Bette Stevens
Photo: Bette Stevens

Balance. Marriage is all about balance.

For recharging, would you rather meditate, swim, walk, listen to music, write, read, yoga, qigong other?

I write. I take pictures. I read and watch movies. Best of all is laughing. A good laugh is worth eight hours of sleep.

23 thoughts on “SHARING MY WORLD – THE HOLIDAYS PT. 1”

  1. I like that. “A good laugh is worth 8 hours of sleep!” But what surprises me is that vanilla is your favorite smell. You admitted to me that Garry smells great. Are you suggesting, then, that he smells like vanilla?

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  2. Great photo of you on a horse. I had one riding lesson as a free trial, and decided it was not for me. I had problems getting on the horse and getting off again, and the horse was warm, it breathed. Otherwise we relax simiarly, according to what our bodies feel like doing.


    1. I rode pretty well. Not great, but I looked capable and felt good about it. Horses accepted me and mostly did what I asked of them, which was to not run me into fence posts or try to jump gates. Garry got pretty good too. After I got him on a horse — he wasn’t afraid of horses (other than snakes, I don’t think he’s afraid of anything), but he had never thought of personally riding — he was a natural. He has always been muscular and in good shape. As soon as he figured out what he was supposed to do, he did it.

      And then, there was a car accident and x-rays. They told me one more fall and I’d be permanently in a wheelchair.

      I spent a year crying over that. Every time I saw a horse, I went back into mourning. It was the only activity I loved, looked forward to. Had loved since I was very young. Eventually, I got past it but i still can’t be around horses much. It makes me cry. Just the smell of horse makes me all misty-eyed. I know it’s odd, but I can’t remember a time when i didn’t want a horse.

      At least I no longer dream of horses.

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    1. Maybe we should take up swimming? Oh, wait. Garry can’t swim. I guess we better stick to being on time. And our two minds, linked, can still never figure out how much time we need to leave for traffic when we go into Boston. Traffic. It’s the variable that screws up modern life no matter who you are 🙂

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