Our family consisted of two dogs and two humans. Then our 16-year-old dog, Lucky, died and we were down to three beings in the household. We had some anxieties about bringing another dog into our lives. We worried about finding the right dog. We feared the disruption and tension the wrong dog could cause.

Our worries are over. We lucked into the perfect dog to complete our foursome. The process was fairly smooth. Except for the fact that my husband wanted nothing to do with it! He hates the idea of choosing one dog out of the thousands of rescue dogs who desperately need homes. So I had to do all the ‘shopping’.


I zeroed in on local rescue groups because we needed to introduce our dog, Lexi, to any potential adoptee. We had to make sure two dogs got along. I chose to meet one dog, Remy, who was described as sweet and cuddly. That’s exactly what we need. We are couch potatoes and would be a bad fit for an athletic, highly energetic, outdoorsy dog.

We met Remy and she was very reserved. However, she went right over to Tom and sat down leaning up against him. That bonded Tom to her immediately. Then she said hello to me and lay down on a dog bed in the room. The dog trainer making the introduction said that Remy had never done that with anyone else. She said that meant that Remy was comfortable and relaxed with us. To Tom, that meant that she was choosing us as her new family.

I insisted on meeting another dog because I didn’t want to feel I had blindly gone with the first dog we met. The other dog was adorable but there was something about Remy.

Remy and Tom
Remy and Tom

So we arranged for the rescue people to bring Remy to the house to meet Lexi. At first it didn’t go very well. Remy was scared and overwhelmed in the new environment. She wanted nothing to do with the overly enthusiastic Lexi. The rescue trainer said that this might not be the right dog for us and we were heartbroken. But we decided to give Remy 48 hours to adjust and relax. The rescue trainer said that if things were still not going well, we could bring Remy back to the rescue shelter, no problem. He assured us that this happens all the time. However, for us, that would have been devastating. We were already invested in this delightful eight month old puppy.

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait too long for the two dogs to decide they liked playing together. Within hours they were chasing each other around the back yard and wrestling like old pals. We were so relieved! We had been instantly smitten with this sweet and goofy pup.


Each day has brought new levels of comfort and accommodation. Now I can feed the two dogs next to one another instead of in separate rooms. They can now both be on the bed without growling or any other territorial conversations. They play together, rest together and share our attention amicably. We’ve even noticed that Lexi is more relaxed and less clingy to me. That is a bonus we hadn’t even hoped for! And it hasn’t been a full week yet!

Remy & Lexi
Remy & Lexi

We hadn’t fully realized how down we were after the death of our Lucky. We weren’t aware how empty the house had felt with only one, not very happy dog. We are suddenly so upbeat and joyful. We are reveling in our newfound enthusiasm for each new day with our wonderful Remy. We are laughing all the time at her antics and smiling over the connection the two dogs are forging with each other. We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending for all of us.


    1. The two dogs are already bonded after only three weeks. They play a lot and sleep on top of each other – it’s so cute! We see a huge difference in Lexi! She is so much more relaxed and calm. It’s wonderful to see her running around and acting like a dog again.

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    1. We are so crazy about this puppy! It’s a good thing too because she is not 100% housebroken and she is terrified of the doggie door. So we have to walk her a lot and we’ve been spoiled by having our dogs independant and walk free because of the doggie door.


    1. It’s beautiful to see the relationship between the dogs develop and blossom. Remy now sleeps with her head on Lexi’s butt! They interact a lot. Also Remy looks to Lexi for approval and guidance, which is new for Lexi. Remy wants to do whatever Lexi does – except use the doggie door. We have a trainer coming to help us desensitize her to the doogie door so she can get over her fear and become independant, like Lexi.

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    1. Thank you! Remy is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had. She is fearful and a bit skittish, but the love for people is her main characteristic. She has bonded to us beautifully and is a delight to be with. We are ecstatic!

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    1. I’m glad I could document the process from loss to the joy of a new family member. My close friend lost her 15 hear old dog shortly before we lost Lucky. She was waffling on getting a new dog. But after watching us go through the process, and falling in love with Remy, she is now enthusiastically looking forward to getting a new dog after the holidays. So glad I could influence someone to rescue another dog. If you haven’t had a dog for a while, go to a shelter or rescue group and add some joy to your life and to a special dog’s life.

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      1. I knew we didn’t want Bonnie to be alone, so even before Bishop was gone, we got Gibbs. Bishop passed very soon thereafter, but I think his last weeks were happier because he and Gibbs were constantly together. Two is a good number. Balanced. And we have enough hands between us for two dogs 🙂


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