What is your favorite holiday?


Our anniversary. I know it’s not a national or religious holiday, but that’s part of why I enjoy it. No pressure. We can do a lot, a little, nothing … or delay it until the time is more convenient. It’s our personal holiday. We can do whatever we like.

What types of food is associated with your holiday?

Sushi in Dunham

If it is just us — and it usually is — Japanese. Sushi, sashimi, and tempura. The last time we went out — and I think it was, indeed our anniversary, we realized the rice we cook at home is better than the stuff they are serving in the restaurants. My green tea is better, too. We have become rice and tea snobs. Now, if I could just master the art of tempura!

Do you travel for your holiday?

Frequently, yes. It’s a good time of year, mid-September. It’s one of the reasons we chose that date to have the wedding.

Good weather, usually. It is past the worst heat of summer, but before the danger of snow. Also, hopefully, it’s not in the middle of hurricane season. We’ve traveled to Cooperstown twice (that’s upstate New York). To Maine several times (Ogunquit, Jackman, Freeport, Kennebunk). Locally to Cape Cod (Hyannis, Barnstable, Martha’s Vineyard, Bourne).


Us ... Coney Island ... 2007 or thereabouts.

Nathans at Coney Island

Up to New Hampshire (Lincoln and the mountains nearby). Vermont (friends in Peachum). Various places in New York, especially and most memorably to Coney Island — Brooklyn, don’t you know.

And we’ve stayed home and partied. Gotten remarried twice.

We’ve gone to Arizona twice. Last year, we deferred the journey until the following January because we wanted to be there in cooler weather, this time. Our previous visit was late August/early September and you could cook eggs on the sidewalk, depending on how you like eggs.

This year? It’s number 27, a sort of off-year. So maybe we’ll celebrate our birthdays instead. We were born a month apart, me in March, Garry in April. I’ll turn 70 and he turns 75 … which is definitely not an off-year. I feel we ought to do something, but it will depend on money … and the weather … and if I think we can actually gather enough of a crowd to make a party. Everyone lives in a different states these days. Gatherings are difficult. Moreover, you absolutely cannot predict weather in early spring in New England. It might be gorgeous … or blowing a blizzard.

Is it a religious or spiritual holiday?

Define religious. Define spiritual.


Is there a gift exchange?

Not so much anymore. Tokens. Cards. These days, if we need or want something, we get it. We had been saving for a rainy day, but then we looked up and realized … “Hey, it’s raining!” Usually the trip and travel is the gift. And the cameras we are carrying!

How long does the celebration last?

There’s no rules about this. We start talking about it months ahead. We ponder. I look to see if I can squirrel away a few bucks and I check prices on places i think we might want to go … and which aren’t so far away that the drive would be more stressful than fun. Otherwise, we go out to dinner. And that’s good too.


    • To be fair, the other big factor was the availability of Garry’s brother Anton, who is a big deal conductor, to sing at the wedding. Garry’s brother is the famous one 🙂 And the one with the busiest schedule anywhere. But it was good to have him sing for us.

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      • I tried to find Anton’s singing on YouTube but he was giving lectures. I did hear his choir – truly amazing. Does he have any videos of him singing, Marilyn?


        • There used to be some bootleg stuff of his performances on FB, but St. Olaf’s protects their stuff very well. We used to have a ton of Anton’s CDs, but lost them in the death throws of an old CD player. They don’t make them like that anymore … with good reason. If they died loaded with CDs, you couldn’t extract your music. This one died at Christmas and tool pretty much ALL our Christmas music with it.

          So now, we have just a few. The DVD of the concert in Norway is a favorite. We’ve (no surprise) been to a lot of concerts when he is in this area. Always a treat 🙂

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    • Ours became more important with the passing years. Around year 20, I think, it became kind of amazing because we got married so late. We never expected to have so many years together. On the other hand, I didn’t expect husband one to die so young. Life is forever doing what you least expect.

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  1. The wedding anniversary was a date I never forgot, being 4th February. Mr. Swiss did not realise it for the first 10 years of our marriage and I had to remind him, but now he has it in his programme and in 2 years we will be celebrating our 50th – is that a golden thing or something? Time flies and so we take it one step at a time.You have some great photos of your celebrations. And in two years Mr. Swiss will be 80 years old – so it looks like a celebration year. Hope it will not be too much for us golden oldies.

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    • Yes. Golden. There’s such an irony to our golden anniversary being at a point in life where getting expensive jewelry seems rather redundent. I don’t even wear gold much. I still wear earrings and sometimes, rings, but pretty much nothing else.

      Garry remembers now, too. Not only is it in his computer calendar, but not working, he remembers a lot of personal stuff he used to not think about. Our personal life is a big deal, but when he was working, I think he forgot he was married for months at a time 🙂

      Well, we aren’t so far behind. I’m your age, just a few months younger. Garry’s turning 75, but your guy looks pretty good and Garry looks pretty good. WE seem to be the decrepit ones 🙂

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  2. It’s cool that you guys really celebrate your anniversary in style! September is usually pretty safe weather-wise pretty much everywhere. You may not get the best weather but you’re unlikely to melt or freeze.


    • Yes. Garry met His Nibs on a variety of occasions and he was (apparnetly) as awful as you might expect. I gather his son is now running the organization. Garry says he is running it better, but it’s not a very high bar. It would be hard to do worse than dad!


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