CALM: Noun

  1. Quiet and peaceful state or condition.
  2. Peaceful mental or emotional state.
  3. Complete absence of wind, or presence of wind having a speed no greater than one mile (1.6 kilometers) per hour. Also, a period or condition of freedom from storms, high winds, or rough activity of water. (“The calm before the storm.”)
  4. Tranquility.

All is calm, all is bright says the carol. It’s not bright today, but it is calm. Yesterday, a crew of three women armed with cleaning implements and a level of energy I have not had at my disposal in many a long year turned our dusty cave into a clean home. The floor in the kitchen is really completely clean! There is no dust on the picture frames and even the blinds are dust free. Every doll is clean, too. If there was no other reason to celebrate, having a clean house would be huge.


But … where are the dogs? Is that barking I hear?

There comes a moment when you have to accept reality, even when it goes against the grain. My ability to take care of this house has been in decline for more than a decade. My get-up-and-go got up and went a decade ago and does not appear to be planning on returning. So this year, instead of buying presents for other people that they probably don’t need and won’t appreciate anyhow, I bought us a clean house. If I can squirrel away a little money every month, I will buy it again in a few months.

I also bought a vacuum cleaner. In the end, not a big professional one, but something with a bit more guts than we have and lightweight so i can actually use it myself. We have a monster machine downstairs that when it was new was too heavy for me and now, is too heavy for both of us.

Dolls and a president

Dolls and a president

We needed a real machine. For several years, we’ve only had a very lightweight electric broom. It’s fine for sweeping up crumbs and light dust, but doesn’t have what it takes to tackle the carpets (very old carpets … 50-year-old carpets) in the offices and bedroom. We are on the brink of a glorious future of peace in our little corner of Earth. A place where the air is clean. Glory to the highest.

Stay calm. Watch for signs!



  1. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing myself. I keep watching the cobwebs get bigger and bigger and the dust in the corners grow ever so slightly all the time. A spic-n-span house would be great.

    It’s a good gift to give yourself.


    • And reality bites. It’s not like we are ever going to be younger. It has been a long time since I had the stamina to do more than one room and that not really thoroughly. I do a lot of bits, but to have the entire place clean all at the same time was a pipe dream.

      I got DOTA and Garry’s Mod from Steam and I haven’t any idea what to do with either of them. Steam and DOTA were free. Garry’s Mod was $4.99, so I didn’t break the bank. BUT I can’t figure out how do anything. I can’t even make the vehicle move. If I click, a gun fires. No idea what gun or what I’m shooting at. No instructions. . I don’t think these are beginner’s games. I don’t even know what the words they use mean. They might as well be speaking Urdu.

      I also didn’t know this computer had a sound system. Apparently, being a gaming computer, it becomes a whole different computer with a game loaded. It was so loud I almost fell off the sofa. And that was at 25% volume. I can’t get that sound to play other audio. It also activated some other stuff on the graphics card and gee, I didn’t know my computer could do that. I use it to process photographs — which it does very nicely, thank you. But it was born to game … If only I knew how.

      I need a game I can actually PLAY. Help!


      • You should really try Skyrim. Look up Shirley Curry. She’s 80 years old and plays Skyrim on Youtube. It’s a great beginner’s game. DOTA is not a beginner’s game. I’ve never heard of Garry’s Mod though I’ll have to do some research and get back to you. I’ll see if I can find you some games that will be interesting and not too violent and get back to you too. But see if you can find Grandma Shirley (as she calls herself). She’s fun to watch.


        • There are so many VERSIONS of Skyrim, when I went to look at it, I got totally lost. They sell everything on Steam and it’s mostly, not too expensive. I just have no idea what to get. Garry’s Mod is a tool box. Supposedly, you can design anything using it. I figured $4.99 was probably a small enough investment so if it didn’t work out, I didn’t have to throw myself off the roof with regret 🙂

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          • I know, it seems like there’s a ton of versions on there, but honestly there’s only three. The original, which was released in 2011 which doesn’t come with the downloadable content (runs about $20). The “Legendary” edition which the released a few years ago which comes with all of the downloadable content, and the “Special Edition” which is the brand-spanking-new one they released in October of this year with a whole new engine and all of the downloadable content. If your system and your bank account can handle it, I would totally get the new one because it’s smoother and doesn’t crash as often.

            Also, I’ve been looking at this game which is on sale (I might get it myself): Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. It doesn’t have violence in it at all.


            • I will take a look and see what it costs. Garry is encouraging me to get something. He feels I need something to do besides blog. I don’t think he knows what might happen to our life together. This might be the beginning of the end (spooky music playing) 🙂

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                  • Dude, I never even played video games before last year. It was hysterical watching me try to get through the tutorial. Now I’m a modding fool. And “modding” is modifying the game. Bethesda, the company who makes the game, releases their creation kit so anyone can take the game and tweak it to however they like — within the limits of the engine of course. I’ve talked about it a bunch of times on my blog. 😛


                    • Well, at least it HAS a tutorial. That’s encouraging. Because neither of the two games I got have anything, not even a demo. I didn’t intend to download DOTA. It just queued itself up and installed. I could uninstall it, but i have a feeling I may eventually figure out what to do with it. It’s got a bunch of variations, too. But Garry’s Mod is just a tool box, or as they call it, a sandbox.


                    • I used to use sandboxes to test software under development. It was in those days, a “test version” of an application. I would fill it up with data and see how many ways I could crash it, then report to the development team. I found a lot of bugs that the developers would never find because they knew the software from the inside and couldn’t test is as a user would. But this is more like a development tool … way above my pay grade.


  2. It is time to cut back on a lot of that work. I figure if you don’t have little kids crawling on the floor you don’t need to keep it that clean anymore. A little help like you had is definitely a big move forward.


    • We like it so much, we are trying to figure out what else we can give up to keep getting it done. And those women were amazing. They cleaned things I didn’t even know were dirty and a few things I didn’t remember we owned 🙂


  3. I invested in a really good vacuum in 2008 when I ejected the Evil X. I have replaced it four times, once because I left it behind when I moved. It makes a huge difference in my life, absolutely. Also, back in the staging the house to sell days, a woman came and cleaned something once a week. I liked her and we hung out while she work and I learned a LOT of short cuts. Mr. Clean Erasers, in particular. My morale goes to crap when my house is dirty or cluttered, so… But I have these hairy room-mates, too. I think you got an awesome Christmas gift for everyone, especially you and Garry!

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    • We have had a house full of hairy friends for 17 years. Many of them are gone now, but the hair remained. And the dust. Living in a woods may be beautiful, but it’s messy. The dogs drag in sticks and leaves and dirt and things for which I have no name. Or prefer NOT to name. This house is also a lot bigger than we need. Half of the house, the entire downstairs, is empty. It will have to survive on an occasional vacuuming.

      Up here, I fought hard. It is always tidy, but never really clean. This is the first time I can remember having our entire living space clean. The best gift I have ever given us!

      And yes, when the dirt is there, even if I can’t see it, I can feel it lurking. Evil dust bunnies!

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    • It’s a miracle money CAN buy. If I could afford it (if only), once a month and our world would be always CLEAN. As it is, I’m going to endeavor to make this an every two-or-three month project. A decade is definitely too long between thorough cleanings 🙂

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