The house looks festive. Lights are lit. The sun is shining on the sleeping dogs and there are Christmas cards spread across the coffee table. It definitely looks like Christmas.


After wrangling the lamb roast from another dimension and the rest of dinner for five yesterday — including two contiguous days of grocery shopping — by the end of the evening, I was beyond dead on my feet. I had moved into that Neverland of “everything … absolutely everything … hurts.” No drugs I have would touch it. There are entire classes of drugs (say NSAID twice, quickly) I can’t take.


They are the ones that help, but they turn my stomach to rubbish and are on my “never allowed to take” list. I cheat occasionally, when I feel bad enough. One prescription-size ibuprofen makes a difference. It’s ironic that narcotics help a lot less than aspirin, but I can’t take aspirin. In this I am far from alone since many people can’t handle aspirin or any of the NSAIDs, but it makes dealing with pain incredibly complicated. And annoying. Because this particular issue always pops up at exactly the time when I most want to be functional and active.


It’s the morning after the night before. The night before was tame by anyone’s standards, even mine. If I was previously unaware how my life has changed, mornings like this remind me. We had plans for today, but I woke up coughing, too.

That did it. I threw in the towel. I had been wondering how I was going to get through the day before the coughing started, but that was the straw that did me in. I call, apologized, and cancelled. I don’t even think I’d make it to the car today. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to cook later. Are you surprised we have leftover lamb? No? Bet you’re not! I wish I had kept some of the gravy, but that horse has left the barn.

It was a great Christmas Eve, but this day is recovery, recuperation, and trying to breathe. In a seasonally festive way, of course.


35 thoughts on “SEASONALLY FESTIVE”

  1. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. A happy Christmas Eve. No family squabbles. A delicious dinner with the gynormous leg of lamb from a parallel universe. You did a super job making a memorable dinner.
    Sorry you have to pay the piper today.

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    1. It was a great Christmas Eve. Really delicious food and good company. I don’t think we have EVER had a family fight on a holiday … with all of the crap that life has thrown at us, we do holidays well. I’m just not the girl I used to be. That should have not been such a big deal. It’s not “IT” … it’s me.

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  2. And how I am with you on these thoughts. I am perhaps lucky because there are now only three of us, so no big stress or showtime. Mr. Swiss even said let’s eat in the kitchen,and so we did. No big table decorations. It looked decent, it was, but the food remained on the stove keeping warm. I did not have such a monster saurus piece of meat, and all I had to do was fry it, because it was the most expensive piece of beef you could have (only once a year), so I got away with the tiring aches and pains this year, but they lurk in the background. I ache and need to rest now and again to recover. There is no medicine I can take, just the injections to slow it all down. On the other hand I no longer collapse with exhaustion after the cooking marathon, because I have reduced it to something normal.I have to plan things, but my planning has paid off this Christmas. I do not believe in Christmas, do not want Christmas – too many complications. Those they need it and want it good luck, but I have learned to leave it and enjoy it in my own way. No more stress, no more cooking for an army, and no buying gifts that is basically an exchange. Our Christmas is Christmas Eve – the big celebration, the remainder is the side dish. Hope your coughing soon resides, take it easy.I now have to write a short shopping list for Mr. Swiss. Tomorrow he will venture into the supermarket alone which is open as a normal day, although it is Boxing Day – how things change. I told him 6 chicken wings, a veg, and I will cook them with rice on Tuesday – what could be better. I have other things to do tomorrow and we are now fully linked with our “i” communications.

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    1. This was a Christmas that went off the rails. I was going to cook chili in the slow cooker. No mess, just about an hour of preparations, then paper party plates for a quick and easy clean up. Open presents. Laugh at the dogs, watch a movie. But then came the giant meaty surprise and I had to make a full 180 turnaround from simple one-dish meal, to sit-down dinner — precisely what I wanted to avoid for ALL the reasons you mention.

      Today was supposed to be them coming here for dinner. Some beautiful salmon and rice and a vegetable and mince pie and brownies. But he not feeling well, so we were going there.

      I’m barely walking this morning and I doubt I could even make it up the stairs to their second-story apartment. I don’t know how they manage those stairs. If I don’t take it easy today, I’ll be unable to move tomorrow. There is no more negotiating with my body. If I push it, my body pushes back.

      I take all the drugs I can. There are others I wish I could take. They would probably be more effective at pain management, but I can’t take any of more of anything. What with the pacemaker and all that, there are a lot of drugs that might make me feel better while killing me. So, I just have to be careful and sensible. If I don’t overdo it, I get through most things okay, but life sometimes has a mind of its own. By nine last evening, I knew today was probably not going to happen. I could barely walk and my asthma was kicking in. It does when I’m very tired.

      I woke up wheezy and aching and realized no matter how much I didn’t want to leave our friends without company, I couldn’t do it … and I had the feeling Garry was not in better shape than me.

      It is obvious to me that even if I want to party hearty (NOT), that train has left the station. I don’t miss it. Never was much of a party girl, but it wasn’t a physical problem, just a choice. Now, I really can’t do it.

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      1. It’s ironic how that lovely and generous surprise of the “Godzilla” leg of lamb turned things sideways here Christmas Eve. Sideways in yummy fashion. The lamb was so tender.
        It’s the day after Christmas and I’m still achy. Enough to postpone a planned video shoot. Maybe another “chill out” day, I hope.

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  3. Aw, Marilyn, so sorry you’re hurting today of all days. Even with my UC, I can occasionally take aspirin, although ibuprofen and Aleve do my stomach in. I mostly stick with Tylenol. For me, yesterday turned out to be a great day – no work, no thoughts of work (if you know me, you know how amazing that is!), no cooking and no cleanup. Daughter #3 had her house decorated to a T, and we all enjoyed a gourmet meal in an actual dining room for a change (instead of all the folding tables in the living room like we’ve done at my house for the last 20 years). And the best part was, I got to leave without cleaning up. That’s the deal in my family – at my house, you don’t help with chores, and at your house, I don’t help with chores. Works out well all around.

    Hope you feel better in a day or so. Just stay in bed and rest and let Garry take care of you. Merry Christmas to you both!

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    1. That’s sort of what I had in mind, but sometimes, it doesn’t go as planned. Actually, I’m surprised when anything goes as planned. It was a great evening. It’s just that being on my feet from morning till night is too much for me at this point in my life. I forget, you know, in the heat of the moment, that the adrenaline that’s keeping me going will disappear and the piper will demand payment. Age is no respecter of holidays. I miss having a body I could rely on. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to the “new” me 🙂

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  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. We try not to take drugs of any kind but sometimes it can’t be helped. Lynn is going in for foot surgery Tuesday and she’ll be knocked out for a few days, at least, from pain pills.


    1. It was while recovering from foot surgery that I got well and truly addicted to the computer. Long ago in 1993. After I discovered Civilization and Caesar II, my feet healed really FAST. A good, addictive videogame is better than pain pills!


      1. After her first foot operation- a shattered heel caused by a fall from a ladder- Lynn discovered Facebook. She’s still on Facebook, morning to night! Yes, she’s addicted!


            1. Unfortunately, I have not kept up. I am, myself, searching. Skyrim has been suggested to me by several women as a good game for a beginner. What I know is old, so for all practical purposes, I’m a beginner too. And, Skyrim is not a war game. More of a fantasy and building. I’m going to buy it, but not until next month ’cause we are really out of money right now. Willow, one of the people you see in my comments, is very into Skyrim. So is the daughter of one of my friends. I’m afraid my blogging will suffer if I find the right game, but I need some entertainment. I’ve been thinking too much and my brain is sore from exertion 😀


    1. I feel better just NOT being on my feet all day and all the bending and lifting in the kitchen. Standing is really hard on my back. Walking is a lot easier than standing in one place at the stove. I must be better than I was last year because I seem to recover faster than I did. That’s something. Thanks for caring 🙂

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  5. Marilyn, my husband suffers as you do and fortunately or unfortunately can handle the NSAIDs, I say unfortunately because of the toll they take on a body in the long run. He has an autoimmune disorder of some sort, with VA you can never get a straight diagnosis, from injuries he received in the army when he was 18. We are in our 50’s now so he has a lot of arthritis and scar tissue and nerve damage as well. There are days when he pushes thru on the adrenaline, as you say, and then when he sits down it hits him like a truck (he says). Then there are the days when storms move through and nothing touches IT. Thankfully, for days like that, we have found an herbal remedy that takes the edge off to help him make it to the next dose of meds. It is called Arnica. His VA doctor recommended it, it does not interact with other meds, does not upset his stomache (a lot of things do) and he can take several throughout the day. You can find it on Amazon, not too pricey, it is called T-Relief Arnica-12 Natural Ingredients (red & white box) 100 tabs. I am always hesitant about recommending something to people I don’t know, would not want to offend, but at the same time we always like to hear how others deal with pain, especially any natural remedies. Take care and hope you get back to your normal quickly. God bless!


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