Noticed that you’ve lost your old stats page? Here’s a workaround (actually two workarounds) that may help you get stats you actually can use — until WordPress”fixes it” again. Oy.

The “new improved” stats page has no useful information in it. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the way it looks. If I’m on the stats page, it’s because I want data. I want to see which posts did well, how the month is going, how the year is going. How many posts I’ve written and the number of views. And from where they are coming.

The new format for stats is “stats lite.” Apparently WordPress thinks we are morons and can’t deal with meaningful numbers. They have to make them cute and user-friendly because we’re too dumb to deal with anything that gives us information.

I want to also mention the new reblog format. It includes ONLY THE TITLE and one miniature picture. No text at all, so if you want to include any text, you have to do some significant editing. This is also true if you use Press It.

I wish WordPress would stop fixing things that aren’t broken. They are making life very difficult. If they improve things any more, I may give up. This is supposed to be fun, not a battle with software.

WordPress Stats


Back then after WordPress introduced a new stats page that quite a lot of people disliked, I suggested you that there was still a way to use the old stats page. I wrote a workaround guide about the classic stats redirect script of tPenguinLTG. This solution solved all issues for a while since everyone could continue to use the previous stats page. But WordPress mentioned back then in the forums that they might phase the previous stats page out, and this is what happened over the last days. If you used the redirect script, you might have noticed that it didn’t work anymore, this was the result of WordPress’s decision to kill the previous page.

Alternative Solution

If you still don’t want to use the new stats page, the incident is not the end of the world. We got help again, tPenguinLTG pushed out an updated version of the script and was working during Christmas days to give us yet again an alternative to the new WordPress stats page. It might be that your script updated automatically, if not, I suggest you to de-install and re-install the script. Check out your Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey browser extension, you should find an option to manage your scripts, that’s where you can de-install the “ classic stats”. After that, you just have to install the new version again, the link in my classic stats guide is still the same and should point you to version 2. If you are thankful, please thank the author of the script!

But Something Changed

You noticed it? Yes, something is different now. Since the previous stats page was killed by WordPress, I suggested Penguin to redirect to the even older stats page. I don’t want to confuse you, but there were two different stats versions before they introduced the new one, the oldest stats page is still working, they just phases out the one that followed. Anyway, the oldest stats page is the closest experience you can get to the one you have been used to. If that’s what you want, reinstall the user script and enjoy blogging!

Check out the original post: Check Out The WordPress Classic Stats Redirect Script V2

Please also see the original original author’s site where he includes a lot of coding information, if you are code-literate (I used to be but I’ve forgotten everything in the 10 years since I used it): The Penguin’ says…


  1. Improvements should not be for beauty but for actual utilization to enable their bloggers to grow their own blogs. I can’t stand the fact that I have to pay them 300 dollars to use the perfectly free anywhere else in the world google analytics. They suggest we use theirs which gives us absolutely no information, including search terms form Google users, or any numbers that we could utilize to better strategize our content. I wouldn’t mind, if we had the quality stats from them that we could receive for free from Google.

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    • I completely agree and I have waged this battle with WordPress for years to absolutely no avail. And a lot of others have tried, too. All of us — thousands of us — have been completely ignored and I’m guessing will continue to be ignored.

      Whatever WordPress’s reason, they are on a particular path, dumbing down their software to the point where anyone who knows ANYTHING will be hard put to put a post together. The absence of usable stats makes it difficult for long-term bloggers — the backbone of their customer base, I should add — to gauge how effectively we are presenting our material. Yet it is obviously to everyone’s benefit that we should have the tools we need to get our jobs done.

      I have no idea what they think they are doing. Or why. It certainly isn’t for our benefit … and in the long run, I can’t see how it benefits them, either. They will never sell those expensive upgrade packages in enough bulk to make up for the revenue they lose when their “big” bloggers with thousands of followers finally throw in the towel and either migrate elsewhere, or simply give up. They probably think they are invulnerable. DEC, Wang, and IBM surely thought the same. Before they disappeared.

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  2. Jumped over from the Smorgaboard reblog, where I left this comment:

    “I’m eager to see what this “new kid in town” has in store – although I no longer believe that much online is really interested in much more than lining their pockets.

    It is a REAL shame that WordPress seems to have joined the many corporate capitalists who abandon the needs of the user community that helped them build their platform as soon as they reach the “numbers” that seem to be the only guiding lights of their lives. I’m more than disappointed in them.

    Thanks for posting the possibility of some kind of alternative – at the very least, one to watch. Happy New Year – and God bless us each and every one.”
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • They have been on this path for a few years and for reasons I cannot fathom, are dead set on taking a good platform and making it dumb and ultimately useless. Why? I don’t think this will profit them, though I suppose they may think differently. It is sad and it’s a real loss because many of together have changed the world in small — and not so small ways.

      These fixes work, but they are bandaids. Eventually, they won’t work. After which I really don’t know what I will do. Thanks for checking in!

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        • You have no idea how many of us have done that and how many times we’ve done it. And been completely ignored and dismissed. Thousands of people complaining, explaining, begging to please at least let us retain some choice of tools — for those of us who really need tools as writers, artists, and photographers. We have been told on no uncertain terms that this is what they are going to do and they do not care what we say. They have decided to aim their services at the lowest common denominator — bloggers using MOBILE PHONES. Really. Like anyone who is going to keep blogging for more than five minutes COULD use a telephone. But that is the answer. If I thought there was even a tiny chance they actually cared about us and our opinions and needs, I’d keep at it, but they’ve made it clear where they stand.

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          • Hated to click “like” on this response. Like I said, the WordPress “improvement” gremlins clearly don’t write, and probably don’t read – at least not anything beyond a 20 word tweet anyway.

            So sad for our world – and the brain-health of the upcoming generation of “content-skimply” practically non-readers: welcome to the Alzheimers generation, as platforms like WordPress lead the way in the wrong direction.

            I suppose WordPress needs to learn the hard way – following in the footsteps of former platforms that “improved” themselves into non-existence. Too bad we all get thrown under their bus.

            May they WAKE UP and get some sense in 2017.

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            • They seem to want to emulate Twitter. Except — there is already a Twitter.

              In their niche, and it’s a HUGE niche, they have no real competition. Instead of building on that, they are trying to be everything to everybody. In my world, something which “does everything” generally does nothing well. But their corporate suits seem to be convinced that this is where the gold is waiting. I’m sure it’s all about money. I can’t see any other reason except that they think there’s a bigger profit to be made this way.

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              • Yep – one size NEVER fit anybody. I hope somebody with a love for writers and stories and true community is working their little fingers to the bone, getting ready to announce a new platform perfect for those of us who have been disappointed with the direction in which WordPress has been heading for some time now.

                Sorry I believed the hype and did my small part to help them build their platform.

                I’m not looking forward to migrating, but it does seem to be looming in the crystal ball, as things become more difficult to overcome with every “tweak.”

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