Noticed that you’ve lost your old stats page? Here’s a workaround (actually two workarounds) that may help you get stats you actually can use — until WordPress”fixes it” again. Oy.

The “new improved” stats page has no useful information in it. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the way it looks. If I’m on the stats page, it’s because I want data. I want to see which posts did well, how the month is going, how the year is going. How many posts I’ve written and the number of views. And from where they are coming.

The new format for stats is “stats lite.” Apparently WordPress thinks we are morons and can’t deal with meaningful numbers. They have to make them cute and user-friendly because we’re too dumb to deal with anything that gives us information.

I want to also mention the new reblog format. It includes ONLY THE TITLE and one miniature picture. No text at all, so if you want to include any text, you have to do some significant editing. This is also true if you use Press It.

I wish WordPress would stop fixing things that aren’t broken. They are making life very difficult. If they improve things any more, I may give up. This is supposed to be fun, not a battle with software.

WordPress Stats


Back then after WordPress introduced a new stats page that quite a lot of people disliked, I suggested you that there was still a way to use the old stats page. I wrote a workaround guide about the classic stats redirect script of tPenguinLTG. This solution solved all issues for a while since everyone could continue to use the previous stats page. But WordPress mentioned back then in the forums that they might phase the previous stats page out, and this is what happened over the last days. If you used the redirect script, you might have noticed that it didn’t work anymore, this was the result of WordPress’s decision to kill the previous page.

Alternative Solution

If you still don’t want to use the new stats page, the incident is not the end of the world. We got help again, tPenguinLTG pushed out an updated version of the script and was working during Christmas days to give us yet again an alternative to the new WordPress stats page. It might be that your script updated automatically, if not, I suggest you to de-install and re-install the script. Check out your Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey browser extension, you should find an option to manage your scripts, that’s where you can de-install the “ classic stats”. After that, you just have to install the new version again, the link in my classic stats guide is still the same and should point you to version 2. If you are thankful, please thank the author of the script!

But Something Changed

You noticed it? Yes, something is different now. Since the previous stats page was killed by WordPress, I suggested Penguin to redirect to the even older stats page. I don’t want to confuse you, but there were two different stats versions before they introduced the new one, the oldest stats page is still working, they just phases out the one that followed. Anyway, the oldest stats page is the closest experience you can get to the one you have been used to. If that’s what you want, reinstall the user script and enjoy blogging!

Check out the original post: Check Out The WordPress Classic Stats Redirect Script V2

Please also see the original original author’s site where he includes a lot of coding information, if you are code-literate (I used to be but I’ve forgotten everything in the 10 years since I used it): The Penguin’ says…


  1. I read something similar on another blog this morning, on the reader. I would really not have noticed anything different, but I never really read my statistics. I see this columns and numbers of views, but I have never gone into the rest. I would not even have noticed anything different if it had not been mentioned. I might have been missing something over the last 10 years. Anyhow life goes on.

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  2. Mine seems to updated from the Penguin’s last dashboard fix. Which is good, as I am in no mood to start fiddling with stuff on Boxing Day. And no doubt they’ll roll it out as their ‘holiday gift’ to us….

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  3. Frustrated and fed up.. we leave the EU with a national referendum but WordPress cannot even be bothered to do a survey of their bloggers to see if they actually want a change.. we have gone from user friendly to Disney world this year and google + is the same and I am not using anymore.. I post a lot and I spend my time doing workarounds… At the moment I can access the previous stats page by going through WP admin and the site stats… and the old editing platform through comments and then posts. These fancy upgrades are job justification for programmers and are not in any way related to what the majority of bloggers on WP want.. but as one of the comments suggests.. perhaps they are hoping to shed a million or so to lighted the load! Thanks for the fix. Happy New Year.

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    1. I completely agree. Each “fix” makes it more difficult to actually write and post pictures, which is all I want to do. Instead of adding actually USEFUL features, they are determined to take whatever works and make it LESS useful. Are they then planning, I wonder, to offer to sell us the original versions at a hefty price? It would not surprise me one bit.

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      1. You may be right .. it could be optics to sell WordPress as a going concern now that it has reached the millions of blogs.. in which case the new buyer is likely to charge everyone on various platforms.. Or as you say they are planning on doing that themselves.. To be honest I would pay a few quid a month to keep the old functionality .. food for thought Marilyn.. pity they are not listening to their users!

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        1. They have a strict “we do what we want and screw the customer” attitude that will, eventually, bite them in the ass. I’m old enough to remember when Wang and DEC and IBM ruled the world. Two are dead and buried and the third, bought out by a Chinese corporation. All were victims of not listening to what they were hearing from unhappy customers. Even empires fall … and hubris — arrogance — is the usual reason.

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  4. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    For those of you who find the latest ‘upgrade’ to stats and editing here on WordPress less than customer friendly here is a fix for you. Unfortunately there is not a viable alternative to WP and when you have spent several years building your blog up it is tough to move to another platform and start again.. They do not seem to want to listen to the bloggers.. real shame…

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    1. That’s the big bottom line problem: no choice. There’s Blogger — which has its own set of issues — and WordPress. Everything else is either topic specific, or expensive. But even the mighty have fallen. This can happen here, too and I’m sure some big company will be lurking, ready to pick up the slack.

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  5. You are right, the new stats page is “stats lite”. To me, the new stats page was an insult too… it’s indeed as if they thought we were overchallenged with the data that the previous stats page provided. There is this trend (not only at WordPress) where people wrongly assume that people are too dull to use services and products. I dislike streamlining and simplifications, to me these words are already synonyms of downgrading. To me, removing advanced tools from a blogging service, is like removing 5 of the 6 strings from a guitar. I might have it easier to play on one string, but I won’t be able to play chords with it.

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    1. Do you wonder if they will eventually offer to give us back our tools — at a price? They’ll give it some cool name like WPSuperUser package and for a couple of hundred whatevers a year, we can get back what we used to have for whatever we are already paying. The worst insult for me was when they took away my ability to size type in points, and left it as “Small, Medium, Large” and that’s IT. Like no one knows what a point size is.

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      1. I was actually wondering about this too. I am not sure but I’d like to know if they changed the design on the enterprise or VIP solution too, if not, then we would have the answer here. As far as I know, they even removed it from selfhosted sites with Jetpack plugin, that is at least a sign that they are seriously proud about their new designs. But as you, I wouldn’t wonder if there is more behind it, that they want to sell it to us as an extra some day. They did for example hid the Google Analytics option behind the Business plan. In any case, as long as there is access to an API, someone would design an alternative with Javascript and CSS for us, I bet this would be our very well known scripter friend again if this ever happens… I think we would be forever in his dept 🙂 Already now, I can’t thank Penguin enough.

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        1. An alternative can’t come soon enough for me. I keep my eyes and ears open for a viable alternative platform. So far, the options are either as buggy or frustrating as WP (Blogger), or otherwise too limited (Medium, Quora, etc.). I’m too much of a generalist to be tied into a specific format or type of material. But it will happen. Soon would be good!

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  6. By the way, yeah, reblogging is broken since quite some time. They should fix these issues instead of playing with new designs. Functionality is more important. I stopped to use the reblog feature because there were tons of issues with it… The feature was quite handy once, but as long as they don’t fix the issues, I rather compose my “reblogs” by hand or to 100% manually without the reblog button feature. This is something I don’t understand, there are tons of issues at, the majority of them are related to buggy functionality, but ye they mess around with designs. Not sure who makes decisions in this company, but this person truly needs to open the eyes.

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    1. Yesterday was the first time i realized it was completely broken. I couldn’t edit my way out of it, so I copied and pasted your post then added the links manually. I wonder how long I’ll fight this battle before I find a good videogame to play and disappear? They really don’t give us a feeling of being valued as clients.

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      1. I noticed this in the German morning when I saw several pingbacks to my post 🙂 I knew right away, you’re not doing shenanigans, I knew the reblogging didn’t work as expected for you. I remember the last time I reblogged something with the feature, the result was a mess, and the original author got tons of pingbacks and complained that I would spam his blog (laugh)… I explained my situation, that images and title were not properly reblogged, that I had to re-write and re-publish a manual version and he understood. These are issues that we have to battle with, you and me, any blogger. Nobody should battle with these bugged features. This is one example where improvements are actually needed, I wouldn’t be mad if they waived the feature completely until there is a better version that actually works like a charm.

        I am curious since some time, when they blog about their latest news, I often see very fresh accounts commenting things like “Awwww, cool feature” or “Wooow, thank you coool” (I really started to check out who is behind the accounts, just to see if my guesswork is right). Rarely I see someone who is active since years on WP praising their latest features. It’s the other way around, long-time users criticize the new features in the forum or on their blogs (and critique is to me a sign of caring about the platform). These are the people who are active since years, it’s the backbone, and WP is shooting in their own foot if they don’t listen to the most loyal user base. People who think a blogging platform should be simple as Instagram won’t be active for so long, they unload 30 images and see that they still only have 10 visitors per day and then they disappear forever and the blogs become inactive (Saw this in my reader, the blogs I followed, almost 70% are inactive after not even a year). I for myself think, loyal users make platforms great, by not listening to them, WP does make a huge mistake.

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        1. I’ve tried like you and so many others to point out to WordPress that people like you and me are the ones who actually bring traffic to their sites. The “five minute” bloggers, as you said, post a few selfies and disappear. Too much work. We are the ones who plug away at it for years and keep it alive. I don’t know who they think they are courting with these “features” because anyone who really writes or is a photographer or artist isn’t interested in blogging on their mobile phone. You CAN’T blog from a mobile phone. It occurred to me today that their new “reblog” format is designed to look exactly like a Twitter post. Except that this isn’t Twitter. Not only is it intentionally NOT the same format, it’s has an entirely different objective. Twitter is postcards; blogging are essays and journals and things in some depth. We aren’t Snapchat or Facebook either. We actually write using real words and pictures that are in focus (!) … and we care about how our sites look.

          I’m tired of fighting this battle. It’s hard enough to keep on doing this every day for years at a time without the people whose customer I am doing their best to make the process more difficult.

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  7. The “reblog” button has gone off into cyberspace again. It was missing from my page4 a few days ago. Now it is missing here. I had to use Press This yesterday. It’s not the same and as you say, editing is required. Sometimes “progress” is two steps back.

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    1. There has been no forward progress on WordPress in years. They are into dumbing down everything. The new “stats” page is free of any useful information which was, apparently, their goal. The “new editor” which i don’t use, is missing so many functions, if they make it impossible to find it, that’ll be it for me. I’ve given up complaining. They are set on this path of making every tool pretty – and useless. WordPress obviously believes everyone using their services is 18, computer illiterate and blog from a cell phone.

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      1. I could never blog from a cell phone, never. I hate the new editor and never use it. The old one might look a little busy to some, but you can enable a function that will hide the side panels when you start typing. I have tried that on mine. When you move the arrow to the side, the panels reappear. It’s OK.
        On the rare occasion I look at the stats page, I have to go to the top and hit the Days button, otherwise the page is really meaningless and I don’t think it even looks that good.

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  8. An excellent post on a serious problem we bloggers face in getting the most out of our work. I’m not impressed with the new system as a whole. It’s too dumbed-down to be of any use and I do employ many workarounds in the course of my blogging day.

    1. The new improved dashboard is more difficult to see (I have compromised vision) because the colors are too pale and bled into each other (pale blue on white)
    2. I seems slower to load despite their protests to the contrary.
    3. I use the WP Admin dashboard for posting because it is the most useful and has the tools I need.
    4. For whatever reason Images don’t want to load unless I load them directly to tine library (sigh).

    I now have a new workaround for the useless stats page, thank you very kindly!

    Cheers for the New Year,

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    1. I have all the same problems. I hung onto the old editor because I can’t stand the new one and won’t use it. If they finally remove it, I think they will finally remove me. Not only do you have to load pictures through the library, but clicking on them no longer enlarges them like it used to. Pity about that. It was a good, useful feature for bloggers and followers. It has been a long time since WordPress paid any attention to the people who actually have to work on their platform.

      When I was in development, one of my bosses was color blind (red-green). He put a lot of effort into making sure people like himself could actually tell what colors the colors were. But most places — WordPress is one of them — doesn’t seem to get the whole “usability” thing OR that when you have millions and millions of users, one size will never fit all. They think form is the key — rather than function. Sadly, they are wrong.

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  9. this is one of the major reasons I stick with Blogger, much as I would love to join WordPress; I can’t follow much of what goes on, or why it goes on. Blogger (and I suspect every other blogsite out there) regularly gives us new fun features, not as an option but as a “you vill like dis or you vill die” feature…it always feels as if someone has been in my refrigerator overnight and rearranged all the shelves and refilled the crispers with icky things that are supposed to be good for me.
    For now I’ll just coast along as a passive but interested bystander, waving encouragingly from the sidewalk…

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    1. WordPress does the same thing, but WordPress seems to be clueless about what bloggers actually need as tools to, you know, write. Post pictures. It used to easy and straightforward, but they have been making it incrementally more difficult every day. At some point, they’ll improve the tools to the point where I can’t use them anymore or they are just so dumbed down that it’s all workarounds all the time. I’ve been depending on other people to tell me how to make this platform work or I’d have given up a couple of years ago.

      I have a blogger site, too. It used to mirror this site, but WordPress squashed the link, so it only has something new on it when I remember to go and do something. I thought I could run two sites, but turns out, I don’t want to do that much work. This is more than enough. I get really tired of wrestling with bad software.

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  10. Blogger has trap doors, well hidden, but once you hit one, they own a bit of you. Google is like that, and the grip is one of a smiling bouncer. I somehow got trapped into Google+ and yes, indeed you can leave it, but when you do, you lose your blogs, your name, your hair, and probably the deed to your house.
    This past week they changed the look and feel of the Blogger back room , where we go to drink coffee and look at stats. Not a lot, but enough. Oh, they burble, we just KNEW you’d love the crisp new look.

    At least I can post here, for now. they keep wanting me to sign in with my WP account, but Im afraid if I do I’ll never be allowed to leave.

    Blogs are the latest link in a long chain of communication that started with BBs and morphed into all-purpose, variously-monitored message boards (which I loved), and within a year those had become more specialized, and then build-your-own (at one point I was on 8 of those at once and yes, Mom, I did eat now and then), only two of which are still viable. Personal blogs became the ultimate in personal communication, but they’ve been around so long (some at least as long as 10 years, now) that Im seeing this whole genre too gradually morph into something other.

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    1. I had a WP account for six months before I tried using it. You can indeed leave WP and people do all the time. You can even migrate your material to another platform, but it will never look right … we all know that. Ditto your pictures. And probably all your followers. It’s pretty much starting from scratch and that’s more than my tired old brain can stand. But just using the account to sign onto blogs? I have quite a few friends who do that. They don’t have a blog. They just use it as an ID for commenting.

      They will not demand your first born child … Okay, maybe a lien on your house.

      And I am part of Google+. I think everyone on earth is, even if they never actually joined. Somehow, Google finds you and you are on their list.

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    1. I agree. I refuse to use the reader. I hate it. I put a lot of work into my site and so do most people. We ALL want people to actually visit and see our work the way we mean it to be seen. I do not understand how WordPress can actually believe these changes are improvements. They are, if anything, making it increasingly difficult to actually get anything done. I find it very frustrating.

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    2. Clicking on “Visit” in the Reader will open a new tab/window and take you to the actual blog page itself (I always do this for the same reason… the blogger deserves the hit). Unfortunately, clicking anywhere else gives you that crap page. Since I refuse to junk up my email with notifications, I continue to use the Reader. My biggest complaint about it, though, is that it’s way too slow and bogs my browser down…

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      1. I have often considered reducing the huge amount of email by using the reader, but then I try the reader and I hate it so much, I decide it’s better to deal with the daily deluge of arriving mail than have to navigate WordPress’s waters. I do not know why WordPress continues to take what was a good platform and strip away the good stuff, replacing it with junk. If they think they will then be able to sell us back the same stuff they took away, they are wrong. The few people that will pony up a few hundred a year for tools to blog — for free — are a lot fewer than those who will migrate to Blogger or some other platform — or just give up. I’m maxxed out, so if they make it hard enough to do this, I have a secondary space on Blogger that’s more or less dormant. They have their own issues, obviously, but I’m so aggravated by WordPress’s HAPPINESS ENGINEERS that if they keep heaping on the straw, eventually this camel’s back will buckle. Bah. HUMBUG.

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  11. This happened last Wednesday (It was working one minute, then…. WTF is this crap?). Fortunately, I was able to find that the Stats page under the WP Admin menu still works, and is exactly like the classic Stats page except for the views by country (Which was the one part I didn’t care about much). I’m just happy to have my laugh-inducing search terms still there for my enjoyment since they aren’t part of that newfangled garbage Stats page. Also, the bar graph for views by day works in the WP Admin link… where it worked sporadically and then not at all under the old Stats link I had long kept bookmarked…

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    1. Yes, the link under the admin menu takes you back to the earlier earlier stats page. I’ll probably install the redirect script anyway, when I screw up my courage. But I should not have to do this at all.

      The NEW IMPROVED stats page is truly the most useless page yet. How they have managed to essentially render it useless took a certain amount of cleverness. Can’t you see them in the Morning Meeting, trying to figure out what are the useful bits and then making sure to remove them and replacing them with eye candy without content? Then clapping each other on the back? Arggh!

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  12. Improvements should not be for beauty but for actual utilization to enable their bloggers to grow their own blogs. I can’t stand the fact that I have to pay them 300 dollars to use the perfectly free anywhere else in the world google analytics. They suggest we use theirs which gives us absolutely no information, including search terms form Google users, or any numbers that we could utilize to better strategize our content. I wouldn’t mind, if we had the quality stats from them that we could receive for free from Google.

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    1. I completely agree and I have waged this battle with WordPress for years to absolutely no avail. And a lot of others have tried, too. All of us — thousands of us — have been completely ignored and I’m guessing will continue to be ignored.

      Whatever WordPress’s reason, they are on a particular path, dumbing down their software to the point where anyone who knows ANYTHING will be hard put to put a post together. The absence of usable stats makes it difficult for long-term bloggers — the backbone of their customer base, I should add — to gauge how effectively we are presenting our material. Yet it is obviously to everyone’s benefit that we should have the tools we need to get our jobs done.

      I have no idea what they think they are doing. Or why. It certainly isn’t for our benefit … and in the long run, I can’t see how it benefits them, either. They will never sell those expensive upgrade packages in enough bulk to make up for the revenue they lose when their “big” bloggers with thousands of followers finally throw in the towel and either migrate elsewhere, or simply give up. They probably think they are invulnerable. DEC, Wang, and IBM surely thought the same. Before they disappeared.

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  13. Jumped over from the Smorgaboard reblog, where I left this comment:

    “I’m eager to see what this “new kid in town” has in store – although I no longer believe that much online is really interested in much more than lining their pockets.

    It is a REAL shame that WordPress seems to have joined the many corporate capitalists who abandon the needs of the user community that helped them build their platform as soon as they reach the “numbers” that seem to be the only guiding lights of their lives. I’m more than disappointed in them.

    Thanks for posting the possibility of some kind of alternative – at the very least, one to watch. Happy New Year – and God bless us each and every one.”
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. They have been on this path for a few years and for reasons I cannot fathom, are dead set on taking a good platform and making it dumb and ultimately useless. Why? I don’t think this will profit them, though I suppose they may think differently. It is sad and it’s a real loss because many of together have changed the world in small — and not so small ways.

      These fixes work, but they are bandaids. Eventually, they won’t work. After which I really don’t know what I will do. Thanks for checking in!

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        1. You have no idea how many of us have done that and how many times we’ve done it. And been completely ignored and dismissed. Thousands of people complaining, explaining, begging to please at least let us retain some choice of tools — for those of us who really need tools as writers, artists, and photographers. We have been told on no uncertain terms that this is what they are going to do and they do not care what we say. They have decided to aim their services at the lowest common denominator — bloggers using MOBILE PHONES. Really. Like anyone who is going to keep blogging for more than five minutes COULD use a telephone. But that is the answer. If I thought there was even a tiny chance they actually cared about us and our opinions and needs, I’d keep at it, but they’ve made it clear where they stand.

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          1. Hated to click “like” on this response. Like I said, the WordPress “improvement” gremlins clearly don’t write, and probably don’t read – at least not anything beyond a 20 word tweet anyway.

            So sad for our world – and the brain-health of the upcoming generation of “content-skimply” practically non-readers: welcome to the Alzheimers generation, as platforms like WordPress lead the way in the wrong direction.

            I suppose WordPress needs to learn the hard way – following in the footsteps of former platforms that “improved” themselves into non-existence. Too bad we all get thrown under their bus.

            May they WAKE UP and get some sense in 2017.

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            1. They seem to want to emulate Twitter. Except — there is already a Twitter.

              In their niche, and it’s a HUGE niche, they have no real competition. Instead of building on that, they are trying to be everything to everybody. In my world, something which “does everything” generally does nothing well. But their corporate suits seem to be convinced that this is where the gold is waiting. I’m sure it’s all about money. I can’t see any other reason except that they think there’s a bigger profit to be made this way.

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              1. Yep – one size NEVER fit anybody. I hope somebody with a love for writers and stories and true community is working their little fingers to the bone, getting ready to announce a new platform perfect for those of us who have been disappointed with the direction in which WordPress has been heading for some time now.

                Sorry I believed the hype and did my small part to help them build their platform.

                I’m not looking forward to migrating, but it does seem to be looming in the crystal ball, as things become more difficult to overcome with every “tweak.”

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