This is one of those posts that requires you to have a passing familiarity with a variety of classical (by which I mean, not modern pop) music. If you played in the orchestra in high school, studied piano or bass or flute or violin, or have a secret passion for Chopin, Beethoven, Vivaldi … well, the list is a bit too long, but hopefully you get the idea. These are for you.

My favorite is BERLI-OS! With a Harold In Italy action figure in every box! And the Walking Dead Composers.


        1. I’m glad. I was afraid almost no one got why these are so funny. Maybe you had to have a mother nagging you to practice — or threatening not to let you out to play unless you conquered Bach this afternoon πŸ™‚


            1. I played the piano. I couldn’t go out to play until I practiced. One year, I was so bad about it she cancelled my lessons. In two weeks, I was begging for lessons again. i loved the piano, but there were only so many hours in a kid’s afternoon. I was torn. Alas!


              1. Do you still play? I don’t. I love the piano but never could master it. Probably because I only took one lesson and decided it wasn’t for me. 😦


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