The little tree is still standing, but it’s no longer the center of the room or of upcoming festivities. Now, it’s the tree of Christmas past and waiting only to go back into storage until next year. Poor little tree. It has such a brief moment of glory. Who can blame it for moping this time of year when it can feel deep in its polyvinyl core, that the end is near. So let us give one last, final cheer for a doughty little tree whose  life is darkness for 11 months and glory for but one!


    1. Ours is about 3 feet tall. We’ve got a pretty big table in the living room and it fits easily on it … and when we want it out of the way, it’s small enough to sit on top of the old wood stove. It’s my big-enough-small-enough tree. Not too tiny, but not overpowering as were some of the glorious sequoias of the past 🙂

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  1. Hey little tree, look at the bright side. Your entire active life is glory then you retire to renew yourself and prepare your little plastic soul for next time. My tree was in the garage on December 25 because I’d been sick and basically OVER Christmas. It barely had a chance. Some trees have it worse, you need to remember that. Think of all the real trees who die for their chance to be the center of the world for a couple of weeks. You get to come back next year! ❤

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    1. I keep telling it to cheer up. It will be back again and not become trash. That’s better than those dying pines we had in the living room for so many years. But it isn’t listening. Too depressed. Maybe I’ll fuss over it a bit and it will perk up.

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          1. Heartbreaking. I wish I had those books around here now… I don’t even know how many times I’ve bought them. I used to read one at the end of every semester. I loved the radio show, too. On tape, though. 😦


  2. well you could get radical and use it as a tree for all seasons: make it a New Year’s tree with paper horns and lights, make it an easter tree decorated with colored eggs and bunnies…


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