Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

300-line-draw-bonnie-snow-17122016_022Since Cee very kindly left this as an open topic, I thought I’d go through my archives and find my favorite monochrome images for 2016. I did more in black & white this year than in any year since film went away and cameras went digital. Which, for you kids, is what we old kids call “a long time ago.” Rediscovering black & white and toned monochrome is an adventure. Returning to my photographic roots, as it were.

27 thoughts on “MONOCHROMES OF MY YEAR – 2016”

    1. Thank you 😀 These pictures are all from 2016, but, I’ve been an enthusiastic amateur photographer for forty years. I think I’ve come a long way since I’ve been blogging. It’s the first time in my life I haven’t been working full time and really could spend the time on photography. Being retired does have an UP side and not having to work is definitely a big part of it.

      Garry didn’t actually start using a camera until pretty recently, but as a reporter, he spent a lot of time directing photographers, editing and reviewing film. AND he’s a big movie buff, so he knows what makes a good visual.


      1. Definitely. I don’t see many amateurish photos tbh, you have some spectacular pics to be proud of guaranteed, but it’s wonderful to have the time to do something you love more often than not that’s a Bonus!


        1. Having time to work on pictures, not just snap them and send the film for developing makes a huge difference. It’s the first time I’ve gotten to work on a photo — and redo it if I think I don’t have it right. Time is a great gift. There are some amazing photographers with blogs and I have learned a lot from them. The bar for photography is pretty high and I have my moments, but there are lots better, too. I’m not being falsely modest. Sometimes, I look at what others do and I’m just awestruck.


          1. Oh I know what you mean, I’m often awestruck. I only wish I could still take photos, it would be such a delight. Alas it’s not in the cards, so I write. Something else I really enjoy, lol good bad or indifferent.


                1. My hands are too arthritic to play and I don’t want more surgery, so it was just sitting there, getting old. At least now it is getting some use. Yes, I did enjoy playing and once upon a time, I was pretty good. Not great, but passable for an amateur.


    1. Thank you 🙂 It was a pretty good photographic year. Not as good as 2012 which was an amazing year, but pretty good. I’ll be happy if I can do as well next year. When we don’t travel anywhere, it’s always a challenge to find new places to shoot.


    1. Ever since I framed 40 some odd photographs a few years ago, there is no more framing n the foreseeable future. Not only has the cost of framing gone sky high (and frankly, I don’t understand why since the materials have not gone up by more than a very tiny bit), but the walls are absolutely full. My framing skills are passable for some things, but the pros really do a much better job. I did use a version of that photo as the new Serendipity header. I love the way it came out. I’ve got a LOT of hanging art on my walls. Not just photographs of mine, but photographs I bought by Alison Shaw and Alfred Eisenstadt … and oil paintings from Vineyard artists and other artists acquired on our travels around this world.

      This house suffers a terrible case of hall, door, and window disease. Not nearly enough walls. It’s an open layout which I really like …. but it allows only limited hanging space. We’re maxed out.

      I actually let my son talk me into giving him a painting I bought for myself on my 50th birthday in a New Orleans art gallery. He would have inherited it anyway, but it kind of hurt. It’s time, though, to start letting family members take possession of their favorites. That will free up some space that badly needs freeing up.

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      1. We’re kind of maxed out here too, Marilyn. I’ve been giving my paintings away for some time. It’s just when you see something that catches your eye.


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