There has been very little snow so far this season and I’m just fine with that. A couple of days ago, we had some snow-flurries and a bit of subsequent icing.


What was interesting was that the sun never entirely stopped shining. I wondered if we’d have a snow-bow, but we didn’t. I wonder if snow can cause the same kind of refraction that produces rainbows? I’ll have to look it up.


Snow flurries are much easier to photograph than heavy, serious snow. Serious snow, the stuff of blizzards, tends to come down thickly, but in tiny flakes that the camera’s lens does not easily catch. Flurries, though, are big, fat, and fluffy.


And, with my new Leica f1.4 25mm lens, I got some pretty snow falling pictures.



    • I’d be perfectly okay with a non-photogenic snowless winter. I can live very happily — forever — without seeing another blizzard. Or wading through melting slush. Or calling the plow guy to clear our bunny slope driveway 🙂

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    • We still have a tiny frosting on the ground in the woods and grass, but the road (YaY) are clear. So far. I think it’s way too early to cheer yet. I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security before, only to awake and discover we’re up to our ears in the white stuff 🙂

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  1. Other than the brief winter mix we got a couple weeks ago, winter precip has been absent here as well. And though it’s pretty chilly today, it’s supposed to warm up into the 50’s tomorrow……. just in time for the big outdoor hockey game. Any other year, it’s colder than a witch’s tit around New Years…. but bring in the Winter Classic, and it turns downright balmy!


    • I’m okay with a mild winter, as long as we get rain. We usually get a lot of the year’s water from the snow melt in the spring, so when we don’t get much snow — and it happens now and again — we need at least rain or the wells start drying up. But the winter is young. Our serious winter doesn’t get roaring until mid to late January and we’ve had the biggest storms in early February and March. So I’m not planning an early spring quite yet!


  2. Wonderful photos, I shot a good snow one last November and am now wating for the big snow, but it does not arrive – just cold and frost. At least there would be something new to photograph.

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    • We’ve only had tiny little snows. Lots of rain here, with the snow falling much further north. But that doesn’t mean anything because it isn’t unusual for snow to wait until we think we’ve gotten past the danger zone … and THEN we get three blizzards in two weeks time!


  3. Loving this! Fantastic photos. We here in Colorado haven’t had much snow either. I’m impatiently waiting for our first major dumping so we can go sledding with the kids. Please take a look at my blog, I’m new and trying to get out there. Great job with yours! I will be reading more!


    • We often don’t get the serious part of winter until late January or February. Statistically, February is the month where we have the most blizzards and coldest weather … but you never can tell around here. Anything can happen. I’m past the tobogganing and sledding stage. I’m glad enough when we don’t have to hire a plow to get out of the driveway 🙂 I do remember when the shed was full of sleds and toboggans, though. Not all that long ago, either.

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