Share Your World – 2016 Week 52

What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Vanilla. I love the taste and smell of vanilla. Especially fresh vanilla. We also drink vanilla coffee in the morning.

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to? 

I’d love to have some stuff done to upgrade the house and I would get someone in once a month to clean. But otherwise? Life is good. Of course, I’m always up for a new camera and lenses.


Have you ever been drunk?

Is there anyone who has never been drunk? I am the world’s cheapest drunk. Half a glass of wine will put me under the table and a whole drink with real booze? Call 911 — you’ll need a gurney.

I have never been a big drinker. If I had been a social drinker, watching the havoc alcohol has wreaked among people I love would certainly have ended that. Most of the heavy drinkers in my world are either already dead — with booze being one of the reasons why they are no longer with us — or they have rehabbed, dried out, and gone on the wagon.

drinks table dinner

Alcoholics Anonymous is a wonderful organization. It continues to quietly save lives without government support or big fundraising campaigns. If someone you know is drunk more than they are sober, try to get them help before they die of alcohol-related illness.

Complete this sentence: My favorite supposedly guilty pleasure is… 

Expensive equipment. I love computers and cameras. My taste exceeds my budget many times over. My best defense has always been to watch for sales … and buy good, used camera equipment. I may be a generation behind, but camera technology doesn’t change dramatically from model year to model year.

They are always coming out with some sexy new camera that I’d love to wrap my paws around, but I can’t do that. So I wait and I watch the market and when I see a bargain, I grab it.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I’m hankering for the next generation of the Olympus OM-D … or the new Olympus Pen F. When prices drop, I’ll be waiting.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I’m grateful the holidays are ending along with what has been a politically traumatic year. It hasn’t been an entirely bad year, otherwise. It started out in Arizona — which was great — and I managed to get through the entire year without major surgery, serious illness, or a single hospital incarceration. Getting older is a bummer, but the alternative is even less attractive.

I am hoping that 2017 will be better than I expect. I’m very unhappy with the way the world is going, so my fondest hope is that it won’t be as bad as I fear. With my expectations set very low, it would be difficult to disappointment me.

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26 replies

  1. Low expectations. 🙂 I’m working on that in some areas of my life as well. Hope we are both successful in 2017. I know you and Garry are movie buffs, and whenever I think of ‘low expectations,’ I think of Julia Roberts’ line in “Something to Talk About” and at least smile. 🙂


  2. I agree with that last sentiment. I hope that 2017 will be better than we expect. You have to have hope.


  3. I wish you and your family a happy new year Marilyn.


  4. There’s hardly a family where alcohol hasn’t touched and maimed to some degree so I don’t indulge much either.
    Caramel is my flavour and vanilla is always welcome.
    Happy New Year to all.


  5. Thanks Marilyn for commenting. I enjoyed reading your answers and looking at your photos and Garry’s.


  6. I have never been drunk. I’ve been a teetotaler all of my life for no other reason than I never had a desire to drink alcohol. I’ve been with drunks, and they’re anywhere from awkward to downright scary to be around. I’d never want to be like that around other people…


    • I have trouble finding humor in drunkenness. it’s one of the things that bothers me about old movies, especially from the thirties and forties where everyone seems to admire drinking to excess. Just not my thing. Never was.


  7. Never been partial to alcohol but have many friends who are, and several who’ve stopped one way or the other. Now that new Pen-F.., well that’s another story altogether. Hmmmmm.., Maybe a new bag would be my latest fix?

    So, to all that chime in on Marilyn’s blog, and because 2016 was mostly Ok except for the end, here’s hoping that despite the dark cloud, 2017 turns out better than anticipated. I’m with you on maintaining “low” expectations and leaving room for surprise. Merry/Happy! All


  8. Happy New Year and keep looking for those camera bargains and snapping away!


    • I will. I couldn’t stop if I tried. It is my one, true, addiction. I suppose it could be something worse. At least I get things for my money as opposed to gambling it away 🙂


  9. I like your comments on alcohol. Saturday is my AA home group meeting day, so I spent some of New Year’s Eve in a meeting 🙂
    Happy New Year to you, Garry and of course the furries!


  10. We do seem to share our events.You remarks on alcoholc consummatiom apply to me as well.A few sips of wine and I have already had enough, that is why I no longer bother. It does not do me good and the older you get, the less it does for you. We did not even bother with a glass of champagne yesterday at the New Year.


    • We don’t have any alcohol in the house. You’re right that as you get older, alcohol affects us more and worse. And life without alcohol is a LOT less expensive. Especially not having a bar bill at a restaurant. There is only so much they can charge you for tea, but the sky is the limit for booze 🙂

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      • I have so many memories from my days of wine and roses. Some are funny. Some not so funny.
        It’s so much cheaper drinking these days. And, there’s no “morning after”.


  11. Happy new year and happy snapping! Here’s hoping for a much better 2017. Cheers 🍷



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