A gray day in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. It’s cold, damp, sunless. Nothing to do. Not even something to bark at. The humans are drinking coffee and doing stuff on their computers. Nothin’ to do in this burgh.

Bonnie watches and waits.
Bonnie watches and waits.

Every now and again, Gibbs — our very special agent — goes out to patrol the yard. Barks a few times to make sure his presence is known. Bonnie watches from the window. Since Gibbs moved in, she sees no reason to go on patrol. That’s clearly his job. But in the evening, when the barks fill the air from far and wide, Bonnie is out there, communicating on the doggish network. Getting the news of the day, passing along any juicy gossip she may have. She expects Gibbs to come too. She gives him a short bark, and he leaps to his feet. When Bonnie says “jump,” Gibbs doesn’t even ask “how high.” He just jumps.

Bonnie agrees with Johnny Rocco: "I'll never have enough!"
Bonnie agrees with Johnny Rocco: “I’ll never have enough!”

We think of a day like this as peaceful. I guess for the dawgz, it’s boring. No squirrels to chase, though now that I’ve repaired Squeaky Squirrel and he is back in action, mauling him is always an option. I had to do some serious stitching with super strong button thread. I also un-stuffed his tail and removed the second squeaker from it to make eviscerating squirrel less tempting. So far, so good. Squirrel is still in the game.

Garry cradles a newly sutured squirrel, but fears for his future.
Garry cradles a newly sutured squirrel, but fears for his future.

Missing an ear and oddly misshapen where I was forced to suture sections of him to other sections that were never meant to be sewn together. I look like that under my clothing too. When they had to put me back together, they had the same problem, so they stitched whatever they had to whatever else they had.


My abdomen looks as if I was mauled by a wild animal. I tell them I was taken by a lion while we were on safari in Botswana. Why not? It’s a lot much more entertaining than the truth and a lot simpler to explain. When they ask for details, I tell them “It all happened so fast. Once he had me in his jaws, it was just a blur.” That usually ends the conversation.


So it’s quiet on the home front. We are all inside. There’s coffee to drink, sandwich makings, and a decent steak for dinner.


A little bit boring, but only if you are a dog. For the humans, days like this are the best part of life.


19 thoughts on “MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH …”

      1. Today appears to be a replay of yesterday. Outside, gray and raining. Inside, Bonnie and Gibbs are into their midday siesta. Need to do a little grocery shopping. I’m out of drinks and we’re low on paper towels, etc.
        I have zilch energy level. Squirrel is still with us along with doggy and pals. They’re lying in a heap inside their basket. Safe for the moment.


    1. All except for Squirrel,, endlessly brutalized … though to my surprise, he is still in one piece. I think removing the stuffing and squeaker from his tail made him less tempting. But Garry and I are having that perfect retired couple day 🙂


  1. Poor stuffed squirrel. My middle daughter gave Cody a stuffed lamb for Christmas. I’ve told her over and over again not to do that, it’s a waste of money. Cody had that toy totally destroyed in about 5 minutes. But it was fun watching her – I guess that was the real point of the gift.


    1. He’s still hanging in there. I’m impressed. I think not having an extra squeaker in his tail helps and maybe not such a fat tail? But he is till hanging in there this morning, so I now hold out some hope for a big more longevity. What a trooper!


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