I used to be Super Woman. I have written about it several times, in a variety of ways. Here is a link — BYE, BYE SUPERWOMAN — in case you are interested. It’s one of my better small pieces about life, and barking ones shins while attempting to leap tall buildings at a single bound.

Gibbs - Super Scottie!
Gibbs – Super Scottie!

For this challenge, I’d like to talk about Gibbs, the Scottish Terrier. He joined our family last March. He had never had a real home before in his life, but once he worked out the biscuit and petting connection, he took to family life with a vengeance. He took to the sofa with love, passion, and a quiet determination to never again be without a soft place to sleep.

Which is when we realized that Gibbs has a superpower. A real one. No kidding.

Gibbs can alter his specific gravity. Under non-super conditions, Gibbs weighs about 27 pounds. A normal, big boy Scottie. But if Gibbs has found his “spot” and has decided he is in need of A Long Rest, he can increase his weight and became an immovable object. Garry and I together can barely move him, much less lift him. It is as if he has a powerful magnetism that ties him firmly to the earth’s core — the sofa being only the intervening platform.

Note the open eye. He does not sleep. He is waiting.
Note the open eye. He does not sleep. He is waiting.

It’s pretty funny watching two grown adult humans struggling to rearrange or relocate one relatively small Scottish Terrier. I have no idea how he does it, but it’s definitely a superpower and a pretty impressive one at that.

What’s different and special about Batgirl and Supergirl and Wonder Woman is that they do all of this through female bodies. They demonstrate that heroism and intelligence and strength and leadership are not male traits. Rather, they are human traits that can be performed by anyone. — Carolyn Cocca

I’m here to tell you this is not only not necessarily a male human trait, or a female human trait. It is a basic animal trait. They shall not be moved!

We have a dog. He has The Superpower. Drop by sometime. We will demonstrate!

21 thoughts on “GIBBS’ SUPERPOWER”

  1. Wow. I have no idea if my dogs can or do do that. At 65, 75 and 85 pounds it’s all dead weight to me. BUT Mindy does seem to be a little lighter when I am trying to get her into the back of the car and I yell, ‘Dammit, Mindy! Help me!’ ❤


  2. I got around this by littering my sofa with blankets. Then you have the leverage of the blanket, and you can simply pull the blanket off the couch and the dog with it (works with stubborn kids too). It also makes cleaning a bit easier because it’s easier to toss a blanket in the washer — after shaking it out of course — than it is to vacuum the couch. IMHO anyway.


    1. We have covers on both sofas. I had an English Setter a long time ago. Beau was his name and he was a big boy. VERY big boy. When he went into passive resistance mode, a blanket and two muscular young men were the only way to move him. During the entire process of rolling him onto the blanket and dragging him to the door, he would not move. Stubborn? A bit?

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  3. The look on Gibbs face in that first photo…he is so darn cute. My cats are funny. If I am reading and want to move Parker off my legs–one touch and she jumps. But, in bed, when I decide I have to move my legs before my muscles scream–she won’t budge an inch.


  4. Having to lift heavy objects at Mecca for a living, I have always managed to overcome this superpower with brute force…. but my cats do have a last line of defense that still makes the task nearly impossible. When they just know something truly evil awaits them like a vet appointment, they can dig the otherworldly talons on all four of their feet into wherever they are lying to create a hold stronger than even the best super glue. The only remedy is to get rid of all of the soft surfaces in my house. Do they make concrete sofas?


    1. Your problem is that extracting a resistant cat requires two — sometimes three — people. One to firmly grasp the cat and a couple of others to carefully remove the claws from the soft surfaces … like your leg, for example. Or, if you are unlucky, your face.

      Concrete sofas? I think they are called pylons. A little big for a living room, but maybe you could get one sliced down for more residential purposes.


  5. This was an awesome post … had me grinning right from the beginning to the end. Reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, “this is my spot !” The superpower certainly comes handy for the super dog . Super writing!


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