I was window shopping online. I liked the way this bag looked, so I read its description, hoping to get the dimensions.

Anyone know what this means? Translation, please!

Product Highlights:

This kind of bag is made from pure cotton canvas, texture is soft, strong and durable, carry comfortable. The Lord of the bag is a pocket, the upper used the cotton rope of convergent way, plus a lid, the structure is simple. External vice bags and the ornament of fastener broke the appearance of drudgery, optional but not casually, fashion and brief. It makes the whole bag beautiful and easy, and never lose plain. This kind of bag is very suitable for photography lovers do for short trips, also can be used in the daily travel.

Who is the Lord of the bag? Does he cost extra? What is an external vice bag? The ornament of fastener broke the appearance of drudgery — which sounds like a good thing, but why? And I am glad it is options, yet not casually. Fashion and brief? Is that also transitory?

camera-bagI still don’t know the dimensions, but the price is pretty good. I’m just not sure I want to buy anything that comes with a Lord or external vice bags.


  1. It might be ideal for some, for taking certain photos that I do not take. I have a camera bag, quite a good one, but never use it. My photos are taken constantly,and I am glad to have a normal bag where I also have room for a camera. If I go on a photo safari I like to have a shouder pouch for a second lens. This bag does not look so good to me.

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  2. I like the idea of “external vice bags”. Maybe they’re “external” so that if the cops are chasing you, you can eject them quickly and safely into a handy river.
    The “Lord of the bag” sounds a bit Mordor, though. “One bag to rule them all…”


  3. NPR had a discussion on the English translation and the German translation of different sentences. They were really quite different. Unfortunately, this sounds like neither. Sounds like you will make a fashion statement though, when you do for shirt trips, Marilyn. Good luck with that.


    1. I’m betting this is Chinese — or maybe Korean, but definitely Asian. I do like the attempts at poetry, though. They didn’t use the word “butterfly” even once, which was a big disappointment, but maybe next time.


  4. Thanks Marilyn, that made me literally laugh out loud. I cannot help but wonder how – the upper used the cotton rope of convergent way – perhaps to break the appearance of drudgery. Look on the bright side, I cannot see any spelling mistakes! Thanks for sharing.


    1. It’s amazing how you can misuse the language, but not misspell the words. I had a Mah Jong game that had instructions that must have been written by the same kid with a Chinese-English dictionary. We used to read it outloud and whoever could keep a straight face longest, won 🙂

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  5. I don’t like the looks of that bag. The external “vice bag” is probably for your mickey or cigarettes etc. It looks like one more item of clutter. Anything over $20.00 US. is a rip off.


  6. Yes, I also got the reference to Mordor. Could this be the One Bag? I too think it’s ridiculous that they translate word for word without any idea what the whole looks or sounds like. I would avoid vice bags whether internal or external and they don’t give dimensions xoxo


    1. Thank you for being one of only two people who got the point! I didn’t buy the bag — it is ridiculously overpriced and I’m dubious about the quality, but mostly doubtful about a company that can’t afford to find someone whose English is better than that if they are going to try to sell products on Amazon in the U.S.

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      1. Makes no difference where in the English speaking world they sell they have to pitch in a way that makes sense. Also people buying bags like to know how much junk they will hold. Pleased you posted it as I had a laugh anyway, Marlyn, keep posting and we will keep reading xoxo


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