What’s wrong with this picture? Other than you know … that face. When I found this on Facebook, it gave me pause for thought.


I am not a fan of Trump. However much I dislike his politics and pretty much everything he stands for, he is not why we this country is divided. We were divided long before Trump. Basically, this country has been divided to one degree or another — usually more rather than less — for our entire history. What Donald Trump did was successfully parlay our existing divisions into his victory. He used our prejudices, bigotry, hatred, distrust and willingness to believe the worst of others — and turned it into political capital.

We let him win. Collectively. We allowed this to happen. 

Trump did not create the divisions. We did that ourselves by allowing partisanship to infiltrate every aspect of American life. Trump is the payback and our punishment. Karma is a bitch.

We should think about this. If we want a less divisive political system, what do we need to do to achieve that? If we want to live in a less angry society, how can we make that happen?

dwight-david-eisenhower-quote-i-do-not-believe-that-any-politicalWe might start by being nicer to each other. We can be civil, kind, polite, and friendly. Personally and online. It might catch on and become a trend. Obviously, it’s not a panacea. It can’t fix what’s wrong with the world, but it’s a start. Baby steps.

Next, it’s time to start letting go of old grudges, philosophical differences, and meaningless principles. We don’t only fight with “the enemy.” We constantly fight with each other over all kinds of nonsense.

It’s reminiscent of the battles within anti-establishment groups of the 1960s. Wrangling about every stupid little thing splintered us. Groups which should have been pooling resources could not let go of petty differences. Today, either no one can remember what the fighting was about … or it seems so trivial, it’s hard to believe anyone cared.

It’s Big Picture time. We need to define common ground — not our differences. Because there will always be differences. If we let our division define us rather than the stuff we have in common, we will never win.

Living in Israel, where government is via a parliamentary system, I always wondered how the religious right got what they wanted while the rest of us — center to left liberal majority and not a small majority but a huge one — seemed to not count, even though we vastly outnumbered the right. The answer was simple. Obvious. They stuck together presenting a solid wall. Whereas what the rest of us had in common was not being them. To effectively work as a power bloc, you have to find the core issues, the stuff that really matters to everyone — and let the rest go. Otherwise, we will lose. Again.


    1. Thank you! I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot since the catastrophic election last November. This country has always been divided by class, geography, demography, race, religion … everything. We argue about EVERYTHING. We never seem able to look for reasons to agree. Maybe it’s something about our national character, but it’s not doing us much good right now. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I often feel like I’m the fool going where angels fear to tread …

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          1. Plus, recent questions have arisen, among some high profile scholars, doubting that Shakespeare even wrote most of what he is known for…?


                  1. If that is the definition of THE FOOL, then what does that make Trump? He certainly isn’t a leader. I agree that he did not divide this country, neither did Obama. I believe you are right and we have been a divisive state all along. Will we be able to rally together for the common good? I hope so, but Americans tend to be quite complacent and apathetic, perhaps it’s our false sense of freedom and greatness? I don’t have any answers only questions.


                    1. As a country, we seem to be very slow learners. I just hope our system is strong enough to withstand the assault on it. It certainly won’t be the first assault, but it will be the first time the assault is coming from our own supposed leader. It’s going to be a very bumpy road and I hope it doesn’t end when we all go over the cliff.

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  1. I’ve never voted for anyone who got into office. Didn’t even vote for our “golden boy” Trudeau. However, we are moderately pleased with some to the things he’s done. I still wouldn’t vote for him.


  2. Trump wants to make American great while Erdogan dreams of a great Osmanic Turkey, and finally Putin of a powerful and much greater Russia. There are unfortunately even much more people like this in the world, but there is really just not enough place in the world for all this abysmal greatness.


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