I am so tired this morning, I don’t feel at all shiny. Mostly, I feel like I need a few more hours of sleep. But, things to do today. Veterinarians to call. Coffee to drink. Dogs to send outside, even though it’s cold and they don’t entirely approve of snow. I understand Gibbs. He is unfamiliar with the stuff. This is his first exposure to winter outdoors, though I think he’s beginning to kick up his virtual heels a bit. But Bonnie was born on Halloween and raised during a hard winter. She loved snow and I have the pictures to prove it.


She’s not a pup anymore. Now, she will go into the snow, but she’d rather hang out in the living room. On the sofa. With the central heat. Even though the sun is shining on the snow and all the world is aglow in the cold light of a bright winter’s day.

Odd how they change. Like people. I think if you asked her, she would tell you “Oh, I liked it well enough when I was a mere puppy, but now, I’m a grown up Scottie and I prefer to keep my paws warm and dry.” It’s hard to argue with her, but I miss my romping little girl who loved the snow.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

25 thoughts on “BRIGHT SHINY DAY”

    1. Some days, just getting out of bed seems a challenge I can’t meet. I usually feel better as the day goes on. A bit better, anyway. But the weather is changing and I’m getting the headache that seems to accompany the dropping barometer. Why do TV stations hire meteorologists? They should just hire achy old people and teach them to read weather maps. Save money. Get more accurate forecasts.


  1. I’m afraid all of us at my house love the snow… But two of us are very furry, one of us has a thick undercoat from his Labrador ancestor, and I have warm clothes. What we (meaning I) don’t like is ice. Bonnie, just so you know, I have to shovel a little walkway for Mindy when it’s very cold and the snow is very deep. ❤


    1. We were just getting itty bitty dustings, but then we got this one, which is a real snow, though not a major event. It’s plenty for me. I’m just a full-size moving ache these days. Winter and I are not the best of friends.


    1. Thank you. We’ll know more about how Bonnie is doing after the next round of blood tests.

      I’m getting better at snow. I used to burn out all the highlights, but I’m improving my technique — and got some great filters 🙂


  2. When I would take the dachshund we had back in the day outside to do his business in the snow, his little stubby legs usually froze before we could get back to the front steps and I’d have to carry him up. There was that “other” appendage that would hang down in the snow as well that I guess got frozen as well. Poor doggie…


    1. The short-legged little guys do have trouble with deep snow. Bishop used to be the doggy snow plow. He’d just push through the drifts and the little guys would follow. He would lay down in the snow drifts and let the little ones use him as a big warm mattress. I miss Bishop.


  3. Jealous of your beautiful white landscape! My 6 year old Goldendoodle hasn’t lost his love for the snow yet and I hope he never will, but he definitely walks more gingerly on it now. Time for some doggy snow boots. 🙂 Enjoy your winter wonderland! 🙂


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