Just when we think the gold of autumn is fading, the sun sets the world on fire.

Reflections of bronze leaves  glow golden as sunlight skims the water.

Wild birds floating on a river of fire.

Reflection and refraction are transformation, summer’s final bonfire.



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  3. Garry is a smart man. He’s got you trained. Lynn brought the vacuum cleaner in for repairs when it wouldn’t start up. His first question was “are you sure it was plugged in”? She answered yes. Then, he plugged it in and flipped the switch on and no problem. Lynn later admitted to me that she had plugged it in but had forgotten to turn it on. I had to keep a straight face.


    • I don’t know how I left this comment here. I was reading the one about the extension cords. Please cut and paste for me, if possible!


      • I do that a lot. Don’t worry. Good comment and I know what you’re talking about. With the new vacuum we just got, it took me a full 10 minutes to find the button. It’s in a weird place, but it’s big and red. I don’t know how I missed it.

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    • Thank you. Remarkably, in this case, it really looked like this. The way the light played, it was amazing. About 1/2 an hour of The River of Glowing Gold. We were in the right place, right time. Never seen it quite like that before or since. I used almost NO processing on these.

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    • About 4 in the afternoon, November 14, 2014. It was after the rest of the leaves had fallen. All that remained were the bronze/copper leaves on the oaks. It was the angle of the light reflecting the color of the leaves on the surface of the water and it didn’t last long. I’ve never seen it do that again. I’m very glad we got pictures. Garry has a couple of hundred more. Not processing. It really LOOKED like that. Sometimes, you just get lucky. I still have maybe 300 or so pictures I haven’t done anything with at all yet. many of them look pretty much the same as these with minor differences in the configuration of ducks.But that light was a double wow.


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