1. Thank you 🙂 It is essentially is the same,, but more dramatic. The church IS black and white. The sky was very dark blue with puffy white clouds, so it’s a bit more contrasty in black & white. Otherwise, it looks like that. I wish I could step back and shoot the whole church, but there’s a road and wires and cars and trees in the way.

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  1. Is it wooden? Black and white photos add mystery, disguising colours, but accentuating shapes. The position of the clouds in relation to the steeple is great. It gives it the sense of being taller than it really is. Thank you for the entry Marilyn. I hope that is a good Sunday.


    1. It IS very tall, however. You can see if from more than a mile away over the tops of the trees. Because it’s in the middle of town (right dead in the middle), it’s always hard to get any distance from it to capture the whole thing, so I have a lot of shooting up from the ground pictures. But it IS tall. I don’t know exactly HOW tall — 4 or 5 stories maybe at the peak? I fear for its survival. It’s been empty for closing on a decade.


    2. it is what we call clapboard (pronounced clabbered). It’s shingles (probably cedar) painted white. It’s the classic church you see all over New England and many of them look almost exactly the same, though some are a little bigger or smaller. But always white clapboard, with the one white spire with a cross at the top … and often, a clock.


    1. Yes, it is. It is also the tallest building in town and the most elegant of the white clapboard churches … but sadly, it is empty and no one has bought it. I do not see a bright future for it unless some group with a lot of money takes it and restores it.

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