A Photo a Week Challenge: Good Times

I added some calliope music for the calliope enthusiasts (I am one!) and those who have never had the pleasure of hearing a real, old-fashioned steam calliope. Enjoy!



There is no music that makes me as nostalgic as a steam calliope. There are so few working calliopes remaining anywhere … if you get a chance to spend some time with one, don’t miss it! And if you play a keyboard, playing a calliope is just something else!


    1. I was really surprised to see how it had changed. Apparently they have been doing this for many years. I just had never been to any of the Pops concerts at Symphony.I had been to Pops concerts outside, at the hat shell by the Charles, but there’s no seating at all, there. Just you, a blanket, and the ground.

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            1. I never understand why the links will work for one person and not another. Well, I also added them to the post. There are probably better versions somewhere, but it’s surprisingly hard to find them. A calliope isn’t electric. If it’s an original, it’s steam operated and the hissing is part of the experience πŸ™‚

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              1. When I was little, my father had an old pump organ in the basement. He never played that one because we didn’t have enough room for it to work. In Google they did mention that steam of gas of some sort was used to make it play. Don’t you just love all those instruments?


                1. This one was specific to amusement parks, medicine shows, carnivals and circuses. They have a very distinctive sound that resembles an organ, but isn’t. It’s got a lot more hiss and there are instruments built in. Typically, at least a few banging drums and a trumpet or two. And often, moving figures … steam driven puppets that appear to be playing the instruments. Calliopes used to be really quite grand and sometimes, huge and ornate. Not just instruments. A whole steam driven circus band.

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        1. If you took pictures, you’d see the similarities. Especially the ceiling and proscenium. We have a lot of stuff in common with NY. Same people who created Central Park, also created Boston Common and Gardens. We are almost twin cities.


  1. Great pictures! And what fun music. I would love to try playing a calliope sometime. I don’t know if we have any here in Utah. I will have to research. Thanks! And thanks for joining the challenge!


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