Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: January 13, 2017

It’s getting very hard to figure out what’s odd and what not. I went out today to find some interesting and maybe odd pictures. I found some very pretty things, but I’m not sure how odd they are. So … anyway … these are as strange as I could work out.

Toys in the basket!
Toys in the basket!
Froggy survived the snow and is happy to be out from under that white stuff
Froggy survived the snow and is happy to be out from under that white stuff
Garry introduced little Bear to Gibbs
Garry introduces little Bear to Gibbs
It's ... GIBBS!
It’s … GIBBS!


12 thoughts on “ODDBALLS – FRIDAY THE 13TH, JANUARY 2017”

    1. I try to take something new these days, but I also have started going back through all the months of photographs and am surprised at how many are still “brand new” after months and years. I take so many and Garry takes so many. But not many of them are really odd. Sometimes not successful as pictures, but that doesn’t make them oddballs, just not very good photographs. I’ve got a LOT of not very good photographs if that ever gets to be a thing πŸ™‚


    1. Squirrel is back in the ER, though it’s just a wee tiny hole this time. I want to get it stitched before the stuffing starts coming out. I have to look in at the ER waiting room later. I think traffic is building up and I’m going to have to do triage. A doctor’s job is never done! Sigh.


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