At least in New England, January has the most unpredictable weather patterns of the year. In theory, it’s the deepest of the deep winter months. This is when the icy grip of Jack Frost has his fingers around our collective heart … except … when he doesn’t. Because there’s this thing we call “The January Thaw” when it gets springtime warm, often just after we get a foot or more of snow.

I started SERENDIPITY in February 2012, so my first January was 2013.


Sometimes, January is a month of blizzards. Others, it’s dry. Sunny. Maybe cold, maybe not.


Last January, we were in Arizona … which has got to be the nicest weather they get all year, or at least it feels that way to we who come from more northern climes.



And although the month is just halfway done …



            1. My doctor just simply put it: “They don’t make it easy for you guys,” by which I have to assume he meant “people on Medicare” and maybe, just people who need help. They don’t make it easy, but this one could actually do me in. Unmanaged asthma is a leading cause of heart attacks and my heart is already under attack. But there’s nothing more I can do about it.


              1. My daughter has severe asthma (something she inherited from my mother-in-law) and she’s been rushed to hospital on many occasions. I understand completely the concern and worry both for you and your husband. How do you remain calm when you feel that level of concern. I wished I could come up with a solution to help. It drives me crazy that our countries show so little care and concern for the elderly. It’s as if they can’t wait for us to kick off. Harsh but true when you consider the care they give us.


                  1. Yes we are tough old birds. If they invested as much into care as they do the space race and military budgets, they’d have a populas that would thrive, but I get the feeling from all I’ve read, they are only with, Ling to aid those they consider contributors on the wheel and as soon as your usefulness is at an end, so are you. Let’s face it, Kardashians and the like are the sum total of this generations thinking ability, not someone with real smarts to question the status quo. We are the next to last of the thinkers who question what’s going on and why or that see the big picture. I’ve raised my kids to think, but their kids worry me, a lot.


    1. Winter may show up at the end of November and hang around until it finally melts in April. More typically, it gets cold at the end of November and we get some snow in December, more in January, but the biggest storms are most often in February, the really big snows of two or more feet. You never know. Sometimes we don’t get much snow. Most years we get around 10 feet. Twelve is not unusual. Every once in a while, we get almost no snow, like last year. Four years ago we had NO snow.

      The next winter, we had snow cover November through April and it was bitterly cold, so nothing melted. It kept snowing. This year? So far, so good, but it all depends oh the winds coming down from the arctic.

      Right now, it’s cold, but no snow. Fine with me!


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