DISCOVER CHALLENGE | The Greatest … in the World

I think my camera is the best camera ever, except that sometimes, I use another camera. I think my husband is the best husband I could possibly have, but he might not suit you. I hope not, because he’s mine. Hands off, please.

I’m totally, absolutely sure my dogs are the best dogs anywhere, but I recognize that you probably think the same of yours and that is how it should be. This computer is absolutely the best gaming laptop except for its bizarre lack of sufficient USB ports and an SD card reader. Otherwise, it’s the best. Probably.

Best pictures of dawn taken this morning from my bedroom window
Best picture of dawn taken this morning from my bedroom window

Every person I love is the best because each is unique, so how could they not be the best? I am the best Marilyn Armstrong in the world … except maybe for the artist in Australia of the same name who makes such beautiful designs.

I hate movie critics. When they tell me it’s the best movie of the year, I will probably hate it and feel I’ve wasted my money seeing it.

When you say something is the greatest whatever in the world, how can you know that? Unless you have actually tasted, viewed, used, or played with every other thing of its class on planet earth and possibly beyond? I’m pretty sure vegans would not think that a soup made from mussels is the best in the world. I’m absolutely positive no one can ever prove anything is the best thing anywhere.

The best picture taken by me today of my napping Scotties
The best picture taken by me today of my napping Scotties

There are no absolutes which apply to everyone. There will never be a best camera because what you need in a camera is probably different from what I need. There’s no best food because tastes vary. There’s no best car because “best” is what I need now. In winter, the perfect convertible won’t be the best car in the world. In the summer, in the rain, it might not even be the best car in my garage, if I had a garage. But if I had a garage, I’m sure it would be the best.

The best selfie I've taken of me this month with this camera
The best selfie I’ve taken of me this month with this camera

So lets back up. How about we write about the things we like the most for the particular task or event or situation? How about we recognize that “best” is meaningless unless you narrow the context to mean “the best in this particular batch of stuff and under these particular circumstances.”

You may not love my best friend or wish you were married to my husband or want to snatch my dogs, but in my opinion, they are the best of the best. For me.


      1. If that is true.., think about later this spring, say around late March to middle of April when we can travel a bit. I was actually thinking about a cross country road trip to the east coast myself but haven’t decided exactly when.


        1. Let’s see how it goes. I don’t know if I’m up to traveling. I’ve been having a lot of problems breathing, probably because Medicare won’t pay for asthma medicine and the combination of heart stuff and asthma is a problem. On the OTHER hand, a couple of weeks in Arizona might improve my ability to breathe. It really improved it last year. By the time we came home, I felt a LOT better in a lot of ways … so I’m thinking 🙂 Assuming you’ll willing to have us cranky old folks again!


  1. This, what you are reading now, is the best comment that has ever been left on any blog by any person in the entire history of the internet. I guarantee you will not find a better comment anywhere, and you can search far and wide. No, I’m afraid it just doesn’t get any better than what I’m saying right here, right now.


    1. You are absolutely right! NEVER have I had or even IMAGINED a better comment than this comment at this moment on this post. Golly!! I don’t know how we could ever top this interchange!! I don’t know if I used enough exclamation points!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Somehow, in my mind, this has triggered my least favorite assumption, the WORST comment in the whole world and I hear it ALL the TIME.

    “If I can do it, YOU can do it!” (This is often used in connection with weight loss!)

    How the F do they know what I can do???

    (whew. sorry. don’t know where that came from. maybe seeing Marie Osmond on TV?)


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