Dawn rises over the woods and I rise too, because it’s time to remind the dogs to go out. Me too. I realize the predicted rain or snow (they can never tell which it will be) has not arrived because the sunrise, bright and beautiful, is lighting up the woods.


I shoo the dogs out the door, give them each a Greenie, grab my camera, and fulfilling the aesthetic requirement (self-imposed) to never let a lovely dawn over the woods go uncaptured, I shoot a few frames. Welcome morning.

Looks like stained glass, doesn't it?
Looks like stained glass, doesn’t it?

We won’t be around today. “Singin’ In The Rain” is playing on the Big Screen at our “local” cinema. Assuming we can both crawl to the car, we have decided to see it. I’ve seen it many times, but never in the movies … and the last time Garry saw it on the big screen, he was in short pants.


It’s another day in the fast lane of our lives. Garry and Marilyn are going out! I think. We haven’t made it quite yet, but we’re giving it our best effort.


      1. It surely did! Beautiful. I can’t see much at all, difficult most often. Remember that add about drinking, and beer glasses are lined up as someone is driving? That’s what I see at the best of times, so I’m never quite sure if I see what I see, or it’s a trick of my imagination. But I loved it!


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