1. Heck, I’ve almost forgotten what snow even looks like. Even the three different freezing rain events they predicted last weekend that had everyone in a frenzy and ready to shut down the area all fizzled out because it stayed above freezing the entire time. And it’s supposed to get warm this weekend…. well, I guess there’s always February and March to get through yet…


    • That was the only snow we’ve had this winter and it was gone in three days. It has been unusually warm and rainy rather than snowy. But it’s only January. If we get through February unscathed, we can celebrate. A party for global warming!


    • Thank you. That is quite an old tree, I think. You don’t actually see trees that big very often. So many were cut down and the new ones are not so massive. In the 1700s and 1800s, they cut down most of the tall trees to use to make masts for ships.

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