Once upon a time in a life long ago, I worked hard. I don’t know if you could call it overworked. I never felt I had more work than I could do — if only they would let me get to it instead of using half my day in useless meetings. I always did the best job I could and worked as many hours as I needed to meet my deadlines while maintaining quality.

Blogging is the closest thing I do to “real” work these days, but I don’t get paid and I don’t have a boss, unless you count me. I’m not such a bad boss, except I don’t believe in sick days. Even with a doctor’s note.


I think most of us who have worked in offices of one kind or another are mentally abused by micro-managing bosses who have never had to perform the work they are supervising.

I don’t know if that makes us overworked. I think it is closer to mistreated. The work is the easy part. Dealing with the unrealistic demands, bad manners, and a myriad absurd rules and regulations turns what ought to be a profession, into a nightmare.


I’ve had a lot of bad bosses. Micro-managers and backstabbers. The plain cursedly mean ones whose main joy in life is making others miserable. The little emperors and empresses who think they have the right to rule your every breath.

I’ve had great bosses too. Managers who appreciated good work and believed it was their responsibility to help get the job done. To remove the obstacles and make work rewarding. When you’ve got a good boss, you can actually look forward to work. You don’t start dreading Monday morning on Friday evening. Thinking about work doesn’t give you a stomach ache and a migraine. It’s rare, but it can happen. Work doesn’t have to be a thankless grind. It just is and far too often.

To all the great bosses I’ve had, thank you.

To the rest? If there’s a Hell, I hope you have to work for yourself.



There’s ancient. There’s historically old. And then, there’s just old. Or, about as old as you find around here. Definitely traces of our past.





Share Your World – January 16, 2017

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

I close them if I remember. For aesthetic reasons. Otherwise, I don’t honestly care. The last time I expected a monster in my closet, I was maybe five? Besides, I had a real life monster in the house. We called him “dad.”

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?

When I traveled more, I did because travel-sized shampoo and conditioner is a useful thing to have on the road. Now that traveling is a rarity … and because I’m very picky anyway about what I use on what’s left of my hair, I only take something if I like it enough that I think I’ll actually use it. I really am a minimalist. I won’t take it just because it’s there unless I have an actual purpose in mind.

What is your usual bedtime?

Whenever whatever show we are bingeing on reaches a point where we can bear to let go of it. Right now, it’s “Doc Martin” (BBC) on Netflix and I find myself actually getting involved with these strange characters in that lovely Cornish town. We don’t go to bed early and we don’t get up early.


We go to bed whenever we get there, usually sometime between half past midnight and two in the morning. When we actually go to sleep? For me, it depends on how involved I am with the book I’m reading and for Garry, what movies he has recorded on the bedroom DVR. Sometimes, the dawn is peaking over the trees.

There aren’t a lot of “ups” to senior citizenship … but the freedom to go to bed and get up on your own schedule is definitely one of them.

Do you like to use post-it notes?

A Blogger's Whiteboard
A Blogger’s Whiteboard

No. I’m a whiteboard devotee.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Does a note on a card count? No? Then … I have no idea. A long time ago.

Any phobias?

Spiders. Other bugs, too. Crawly things make me go totally mental.

How tall are you?

That’s a matter of opinion. I think I’m tall, but I never quite hit 5’5″ (165 centimeters) and now, I’m somewhere between 5’1″(155.5 centimeters) and 5’3″ (161.5 centimeters). That may depend on whether or not I’m standing up straight. I slouch.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – January 18, 2017

Winter day at the bridge over the Mumford River
Winter day at the bridge over the Mumford River


It the time of year, I don’t take pictures unless it’s snowing or has recently snowed. Because it’s not awfully visually exciting otherwise. I suppose I’m so used to seasons. I’d have to rethink my photography in a one-season environment.

It's all about the angle
It’s all about the angle
The morning after the wno is always especially pretty
The morning after a snowstorm is especially pretty
From my front stoop to the street beyond while the snow falls
From my front stoop to the street beyond while the snow falls

Cee which way photo challenge