Share Your World – January 16, 2017

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

I close them if I remember. For aesthetic reasons. Otherwise, I don’t honestly care. The last time I expected a monster in my closet, I was maybe five? Besides, I had a real life monster in the house. We called him “dad.”

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?

When I traveled more, I did because travel-sized shampoo and conditioner is a useful thing to have on the road. Now that traveling is a rarity … and because I’m very picky anyway about what I use on what’s left of my hair, I only take something if I like it enough that I think I’ll actually use it. I really am a minimalist. I won’t take it just because it’s there unless I have an actual purpose in mind.

What is your usual bedtime?

Whenever whatever show we are bingeing on reaches a point where we can bear to let go of it. Right now, it’s “Doc Martin” (BBC) on Netflix and I find myself actually getting involved with these strange characters in that lovely Cornish town. We don’t go to bed early and we don’t get up early.


We go to bed whenever we get there, usually sometime between half past midnight and two in the morning. When we actually go to sleep? For me, it depends on how involved I am with the book I’m reading and for Garry, what movies he has recorded on the bedroom DVR. Sometimes, the dawn is peaking over the trees.

There aren’t a lot of “ups” to senior citizenship … but the freedom to go to bed and get up on your own schedule is definitely one of them.

Do you like to use post-it notes?

A Blogger's Whiteboard

A Blogger’s Whiteboard

No. I’m a whiteboard devotee.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Does a note on a card count? No? Then … I have no idea. A long time ago.

Any phobias?

Spiders. Other bugs, too. Crawly things make me go totally mental.

How tall are you?

That’s a matter of opinion. I think I’m tall, but I never quite hit 5’5″ (165 centimeters) and now, I’m somewhere between 5’1″(155.5 centimeters) and 5’3″ (161.5 centimeters). That may depend on whether or not I’m standing up straight. I slouch.

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  1. I have bad luck with closing closets. Watch your fingers.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this week. I enjoyed reading your responses.


  3. When my husband worked, he had an hour commute each way, so I would get up at 4 AM in the winter (really) to get the stoves going and the water heated for him. I was a night person, going to bed at 9 AM was a necessity, not a pleasure.
    I always vowed that when he retired I would sleep in every day.

    I now wake up at 4 in the summer and 5 in the winter, usually, and have become that most annoying of scourges, the morning person. However. I also have retained my night owl habits, and trundle off to bed at midnight or sometimes later.

    I can sympathize with Garry, I had an infected spider bite some years ago, we never figured out what it might have been, but I spent three days trundling back and forth to the hospital for an hour’s IV and, as the doctor put it, “we don’t want to lose that leg, now, do we”…no, sir, we surely don’t.


    • They told Garry is was a Brown Recluse spider and although the “experts” assured us they don’t live here, everyone else, including many people I know who have been bitten and ALL the doctors seem to believe otherwise. Very nasty and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a huge black pus filled blister like that. It was very scary and he needed antibiotics and pain killers and we cancelled our vacation and he limped for months. Glad they don’t live here because imagine the damage they could do if they really DID?

      I was a morning person my entire life, but I had a very long commute for many years … and Garry was on the dawn patrol shift for 15 years at channel 7. I got up every day to pack him a lunch (or he wouldn’t eat all day … and it was a very long day, often 14 or more hours). Then I’d go back to bed, catch another hour of restless sleep, and be up and into the car for MY long (sometimes ridiculously long — from Uxbridge to Groton, CT is more than 140 miles each way) commute. We both eventually pretty much fell apart under the pressure.

      It took me 5 or 6 years from when I stopped working for good — including closing down my online business — before I started to sleep later. I had to retrain myself. Ultimately, I learned to go back to bed and back to sleep. I’m not a great sleeper anyhow, but I manage to get a couple of hours in the morning.

      Garry has NO problems sleeping late. Once he got it programmed into his head that he could, he did and now will only get up before noon if we have something we have to do that requires him to be on his feet. Which is fine. Why not?

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  4. Mr. Swiss is always finding english series to DVD, mostly police and criminal stuff. Some of it is quite good. It is not so old and naturally is all centred in various english towns. I don’t mind bugs as long as they are photogenic. For me everyone is a dwarf – no offence meant, but I am Gulliver in Llliput in this world.

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    • A couple of the series you’ve mentioned sound really interesting, but we can’t get them her, not even on DVD. Eventually everything gets here — with a exceptions. We are on the 7th and last season of Doc Martin. We. finished Poirot, and are looking forward to Miss Marple. We are hoping we’ll get the rest of the seasons of MidSomer Murders and some of the comedies.

      East Enders isn’t available anywhere in the U.S. right now, but we live in hope.

      Garry say we now “speak British” or at least, understand it and find it creeping into our daily speech 🙂 That’s TV for you, spreading international slang!

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  5. You look taller in your photos Marilyn!


  6. It must be so cool to be able to go to bed and get up when you feel like it 🙂

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  7. I like a lot of the BBC shows, but over the last few years, I just haven’t been able to concentrate on television. Not much keeps me interested. It’s not the TV’s fault, it’s my brain being weird.

    Going to bed and getting up whenever you want *is* one of the few benefits of not having a job. 🙂

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    • I think it’s the primary benefit of not working. But it’s a big benefit. It’s very freeing to the spirit to not be tied into a schedule. Actually, I think it’s the unscheduled-ness that’s the core of it. You CAN get up early. You can sleep in. You can read all night or play computer games till dawn. And it’s okay. Amazing!

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    • I LOVE staying up late and getting up late — after 40 plus years of sleep deprivation as a TV News reporter.

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  8. I LOVE Doc Martin! And my daughter is deathly afraid of spiders and creepy crawlies.

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    • We just signed up with AcornTV. They have season 7 and all the other BBC and British shows. It’s a new streaming channel. It was great that I signed up because we finished season 6 and didn’t have to go into withdrawal. Phew. Nice to meet you.

      My husband was actually bitten by a poisonous spider last year. It confirmed all my worst fears. They ARE lurking out there, waiting for us. Shiver.

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    • We’re addicted to Doc but he truly tests my patience.

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      • I keep thinking what an amazing doctor he is. I’m at that stage with my health where an amazing doctor beats a bedside manner. Although good manners certainly never hurt any relationship, regular or medical 🙂

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