It’s Inauguration Day. In other years, I’d be watching the festivities. This isn’t a normal year and I am not watching.

I cannot watch. To do so would feel as if I were giving credibility when in reality, I feel betrayed. I want merely to crawl under a rock and wake up to discover it was just a bad dream.

Maybe these next years will not be as awful as I expect. Maybe they will be great, but I doubt it. I’m looking at the incoming cabinet, a bunch of billionaires and sycophants with no experience and even less moral fiber.


Maybe you can watch this travesty, but I can’t and won’t. Exposure? I will have more than enough of that in the months and years to come. I’ll skip this day. And hope it’s not as bad as I fear. Even more, I hope it isn’t worse than I can imagine.


      1. My husband calls him Orange Head which compared to some names I’ve heard him called, it pretty benign. I notice he has dyed his hair to be less orange, allowing some appropriately presidential greay along the temples. What a guy.

        In some sort of ironic twist to the day, our cable signal is down. We couldn’t watch it if we wanted to. This is the kind of day that is really funny … in retrospect. I’m sure I’ll be laughing. Eventually.


  1. Funny I was all set to watch this comedy, but am still sitting in my computer room and from the sounds eminating from the TV in the living room, Mr. Swiss is also not looking. I do not think I can do it, it cannot be true.

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    1. Garry went to the deli to buy soda pop. Then, we are going to watch Miss Marples on AcornTV, probably followed by Blue Bloods. We’ll get our news from Colbert. Next week. Later works better for me. Oh, and I’m going to grind up some almonds and use them as a crust for the fresh salmon. No politica in THIS house today. Nope. Uh uh. Go with the earplugs.

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      1. I’m gonna watch the top of the Nightly News with a taut stomach. It will be very interesting to see what Colbert does tonight.
        We could use a lovely Midsomer Murder right about now.


  2. I had to watch. I felt like I needed to be informed. All that was missing was some ominous background music. Now I’m depressed, binging on chocolate, and wondering when the Avengers are going to swoop in to save us.


  3. I watched, admittedly to see how many protesters there were, and who was arrested/hurt/ etc. I came away with the following

    Expected or not,
    I will not raise a hand in
    salute of clenched fist.


            1. When Garry was working, he used to call them the “dial-a-demo” crowd. He said the same people showed up at all the demonstrations and they all looked like refugees from a Grateful Dead concert. It’s probably still the same people. Just older.

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  4. I looked. Couldn’t help myself– like a train wreck. But I also wanted to watch the faces of the former presidents as the speech unfolded. (The cameras didn’t cut to them as often as I would have liked, but it’s just as well– the speech was off . . . angry and sinister, I thought. I know what our past presidents must have been thinking.) Sad day. But today it seems that people all over the world are marching in unity with the Women’s March on Washington, so that’s a ray of hope. I’m gonna stock up on wine and multi-vitamins: I’ll need them both this year!


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