14 thoughts on “GOOD MOURNING, AMERICA”

    1. Except when it’s worse. I remember when they first told me I had breast cancer … then told me a week later that I had it in the other breast, too. Sometimes things really ARE as bad as they seem and are actually worse than they imagined possible. I’m hoping this isn’t one of those times.

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  1. I must add to your other comments about NOT watching the inauguration, I had to check it out, having never watched one before,and delightfully, all I can see on most channels is live coverage of multiple protests. It might as well be 1972…

    I’ll probably avoid any closer encounters though…


    1. I’m just too bummed out to watch it. I’m sure there will be a zillion replays of everything on every channel. I won’t be able to avoid it no matter HOW hard I try. By then, it will have already happened. I won’t have to feel I’m “part of it.” Because although by definition, as an American, we are ALL part of it, I’m in denial and need to stay there a while longer.

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  2. They were showing it live on TV here in the small hours. I remember getting up at 3am or something 8 years ago to see President Obama sworn in. This time I made sure I went to bed before it started and don’t intend watching the news today. I heard him on the radio saying he would take care of the forgotten people but as he is already dismantling your Medicare that rang rather hollow with me.


  3. I heard “the speech” on my way to work this morning and could not believe how bad it has been for the last 8 years. I have been living in an alternate universe. And all I can say is “bring it back. Please!”


  4. Take care, Marilyn and Garry and everyone reading this post. It will be a slow painful time in our history, but let’s never forget that truth and beauty always prevail in the end. I just pray (although I don’t really pray) that we won’t be starting another war somewhere. And that enough men and women among our elected members in the Senate and Congress will stand for our American values (the good hearted ones) and will oppose any measure that would mean exclusion of any kind.


    1. I really really want you to be right. We are clinging to some small hope that someone in this administration will have an epiphany and realize the fate of the world is more important than a sound bite. We can only hope. If I were a praying person, I’d be doing it.


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