I have to thank Chronicles of an Angloswiss where I first viewed this hilarious “love letter” to America from Holland. It’s mostly in English. Just a few sentences in the beginning are Dutch, so don’t be put off by language. If you watch “The Daily Show” or any late night TV comedy, this will seem remarkably like a piece from one of them.

It is very on target. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, cry, or both. I settled on laughing because there’s too much crying going on.

Oh, and this is also the original home of tulips and wooden shoes. Just in case you forgot!


      1. There’s a comedy group out of DC that’s very funny, the Capitol Steps (and they have a travelling group as well). They have already tweeted that with DJT they have LOTS of new material! Unfortunately they get to CA only for about one show a year, but they’re well worth the effort to see them!

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        1. I have heard of them, but never seen them perform. Maybe they’ll get out this way sometime. Usually, it’s Boston that gets all the shows and that’s a long hike. Maybe they’ll show up on one of the late night comedy shows.


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