A Photo a Week Challenge: Ice, Ice, Baby

No ice this year, but we have had some astounding, huge, ice dams in past winters. This was shot from inside through the ice. It was the winter when we didn’t have any snow until the very end of January, but managed to accumulate more than 12 feet by mid-March. After it began snowing, it forgot to stop.

The odd "grid" in the background is the screen which I should have removed before winter because that ice destroyed it.
The “grid” in the background is the window screen. I should have removed it before winter. The ice destroyed it.

Icicles look pretty, but they do a lot of damage to houses, especially roofs and eaves.  Ice weighs down tree branches, causing them to snap. Sometimes, ice will cause entire trees to fall. Ice dams can prove dangerous.

You can clearly see the screen on this one. By this time in the winter, the ice had adhered to the screen, forming a curtain of ice.
You can more clearly see the screen in this picture. By now, the ice had formed a curtain.

A big one can weigh several hundred pounds. I know people who have been seriously injured by falling ice.


15 thoughts on “ICE DAMS”

    1. I no longer have that screen. it was destroyed by the ice. Fortunately, I was able to use a different screen from a same-sized window, but I have lost any romance I ever had for glittering icicles. I now just find them decoratively scary — like a large, wild animal. Beautiful creatures with big teeth and claws 🙂

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        1. Except that knocking them off can cause some serious damage to gutters and shingles. The best thing is to do whatever you can to get them when they are small. Ours were too big to knock off without damaging something — including US! 😉

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    1. A good friend of ours was inspecting his property and one of those big ones fell on him. He was in the hospital for week … and he has lived here his whole life, so he knew. He just didn’t think that one could hit him. They are very dangerous both to living and non-living things.

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    1. Pretty and very destructive. We got off easy, probably because we had the roof shoveled, which stopped the dams from further buildup. Many people needed entirely new roofing. I don’t look forward to a rerun of this particularly photo op.

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      1. Peter use to get up and shovel the roof- not anymore. It’s just too dangerous. The problem when other people do it is they can be rough and remove the shingles in the process.


          1. Yes – then there’s the falling. That’s the big worry. We have to keep our men safe. I know Peter would sneak up there if I wasn’t keeping an eye on him.


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