Remember how, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away — you know,  during the Reagan administration — our government decided the best anti-drug program was “JUST SAY NO!” Make every person 100% responsible for whatever happens to him or her. As history tells us, this anti-drug campaign was so successful, we no longer have drug problems in this country.

So I thought we might use this same highly successful approach to other major social issues.


Like health care. As we move from an era of medical insurance to “Good luck, buddy,”  we need new coping strategies. How about “Say no to sickness!” If you feel like crap, just say NO. Cancer or heart disease got you down? Smile! A bright smile and a positive attitude coupled with a firm approach, take-no-prisoners attitude to germs and chronic ailments will wipe away your tears. Let a smile be your umbrella when your arthritis is throbbing. If you can’t breathe because you don’t have an inhaler? Say NO to wheezing. Everything will be right as rain.

Gun violence is another good example of a problem that wouldn’t exist if we each had a better attitude. Alternatively, if you are a devotee of second amendment rights, try getting a bigger weapon. When bullets start to fly, just say NO! Like magic, bullets will bounce right off you. Would I lie to you? There is no problem too complicated that magical thinking will not make it disappear. We can fix everything with firm resolve, a positive attitude, and denial.

Speaking of climate change (we weren’t but now we are), there’s no such thing. Nothing is going on. No need to seek higher ground. Well, what about water pollution? Nonsense! Funny-colored smelly water is merely chock full of extra nutrients. Yummy!

JUST SAY NO is the ultimate, cost-effective way to deal with everything. A few television ads and some billboards along the highway and Bob’s your uncle, the problem vanishes. Maybe you can add some pamphlets. If these don’t quite do the job, you’ll probably die. In which case, it becomes someone else’s problem. We all know — at least those of us who have read Douglas Adams — that someone else’s problem, is invisible. If we can’t see it, it’s not there. (Phew. I was worried for a minute.)

It’s entirely up to you. Just say no. And keep saying it .

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  1. Interesting post, Marilyn…just say no and depression goes away; just say no and addiction does not exist…in the world of what’s his name (the one with a toupé) it is what mental health professionals call delusional and that is scary to see such a person with so much power. I did not realize he could put his promises into effect so fast…I thought they had to go through congress and things had to be voted on. I read my news from independent journalist now and it sure is not pretty. Laughter is good and hopefully will get you through this for a while.


    • This morning, I encountered news on my way to Farm Town. It was much too early, but I was having very unpleasant dreams and staying in dreamland didn’t seem a good choice. What to my wondering eyes should appear than the news — entirely what I expected, I should add — that just because a Federal judge issued an order doesn’t mean 45 or his minions feel obliged to obey it.

      Our government works ONLY if we all agree that the law and the constitution are rules we all must follow and we ALL obey them.

      This latest move is right out of the Hitler playbook. Now, will all of the people who are telling me how much I’m overreacting please repeat that in a loud, clear voice so the people in the back of the room can hear? Laughter may keep us from going nuts, but it won’t keep the storm troopers from our door. And if bullets fly, it won’t protect our lives, either.

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  2. Thanks for the evening satire. I truly enjoyed your post.


  3. My grandson was in the DARE program around 2002. He graduated with honors. Me and my mom went to the ceremony. After he got to high school and started smoking weed he told me that someone offered him some in the boy’s bathroom and he just said “yes”. On purpose. Today he does not do drugs because his actions got him into major trouble. He learned why he should have said “no”. If enough people just say no to Mr. Trump, though saying it may seem naïve, a change may happen. He is already experiencing backlash from trying to muzzle the media, it has begun early and if we continue to just say no to Mr. Trump there is a possibility he may have an epiphany and check himself. I have never been shot at and said No to bullets and had them bounce off of me like Superman. But I have said No to diabetes. My doctor is so proud of me, my A1C number is down. I am still diabetic but I don’t fret over losing my toes, because I can keep that from happening. Just say no. And keep saying it.


    • I don’t disagree, but I think it’s not nearly enough. This is a guy who has a great deal more power than anyone in our history combined with a willingness to use that power casually, ruthlessly, thoughtlessly. It’s going to take more than saying no one at a time. Unless we organize and manage a very huge, loud, heard-round-the-world “no,” he’ll just pick us off one at a time.

      We have underestimated him in the past. Please, let’s not continue to do the same thing. We don’t have to like him or respect him, but we have good reason to fear him.

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  4. If only that were all it takes.


  5. In Chicago we try to say no to gun violence, but the NRA says no to any laws that would try to curb it. For some reason, they always win in court.


  6. this is what we’ve come to, isn’t it? In a matter of days, 45 has changed us and challenged us and he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Or maybe he does know…….either way, he still doesn’t care. Because he’s The Best. And this is how we make America great again. Scary as hell post, Marilyn. But a good one.

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    • Lois, I just read a New Yorker piece about one of 45’s henchmen who is telling the press to “shut up”.

      That’s the ticket!! Try to muzzle the media. Good luck with that move, 45!

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  7. i will never stop saying no


  8. Oh Marilyn what is happening. I know I am not American and I did not always agree with their ideas, but it was OK. We all had free speech, and no-one has the same opinion. Many things that Switzerland do might be encountered with doubt and suspicion, but we have never wanted to stop free speech. We have seven men guiding the country, ministers, and if they do not do the job as expected, they do not get the job again (they are revoted every year). But what is happening over the pond is making us here feel uncertain. That man is a danger to the world.

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    • I wish I could say something reassuring, but I feel like I’ve fallen into some weird, dystopian alternate reality. This is NOT my America. This isn’t the place I always called home. It’s scary as hell. I asked Garry the other day if, by any chance, he’d like to run away with me. We could go to Israel. They would take us in and give us a place to live and medical insurance … but of course, Garry isn’t Jewish and he is American to his bones. He can’t imagine going somewhere else to live. He wants to be here because this is his country.

      Frankly, I’m wondering when the storm troopers are going to start marching in the cities. How this could actually happen in my country. It’s very bad. If YOU feel uncertain, imagine how we feel!

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      • It isn’t happening according to the alternative facts we’re fed by 45 and his gang.


        • Do you think they even notice what’s happening or are they just issuing edicts without any attempt to calculate the damage that results? Because I think they have no idea what they are doing and worse, they don’t care.



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