Month: January 2017


AUTOMATIC | THE DAILY POST I lived my life on automatic for a long time. I got up, got dressed, scraped the ice off the car, went to work (stopping for coffee along the route) and proceeded through my day…. Read More ›


WEEKLY WORDPRESS PHOTO CHALLENGE – REPURPOSE We hadn’t been living here a week when I spotted the line of old farm tractors. Some of them had “For Sale” signs on them. Everyone has a weakness and mine is for old machinery…. Read More ›


Thinking is out of fashion. Brains are dead gray lumps of matter. They have no use, but are merely taking up space inside our skulls. How do I know this? Last week Charter turned off first our cable box, then,… Read More ›


DISCOVER CHALLENGE | Conventional Wisdom Conventional wisdom at this point in time is anything but wise. This is officially a rant. I don’t do it often, but just sometimes … well … I need a good rant and here it is…. Read More ›