Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – February 1, 2017

A little bit of snow changes the appearance of the world. Not just a little bit. It can make familiar places nearly unrecognizable. Turn ordinary streets into magical kingdoms. Smooth out the lumps and bumps to make a surreal, serene picture postcard.




Cee which way photo challenge

19 thoughts on “WHICH WAY IN THE SNOW?

    • Thank you Cee. We are scheduled for more of it this week, but if we are lucky, it will be rain instead. I love the way snow looks. Great for picture-taking, but hard for dealing with the rest of life 😀


  1. What a difference zooming makes in the last three pictures. Each image stands on its own. The clue was the house at the end of the street. Beautiful capture of snowflakes.


    • Good spotting 🙂 Zooming, but also foot zooming. Did a fair amount of walking, too. Sometimes, the way the picture looks quite different when zoomed versus actually being closer. I’m sure there’s an optical explanation for it, but the depth is different. A long zoom seems to flatten the picture, even though it appears closer.

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  2. You captured that mystical look created by the snow. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to clear up the mess and just admire it from afar.


  3. It took me ages to discover how to get falling snow in a photo, but now I can do it. Your photos are wonderful action photos. We have had no snow for a few days and we can see the grass again. However, it will be back and very cold temperatures to go with it. We have just had a very small idea of what Spring could be like.


    • We’ve got snow on the way, too. It’s February which is usually the big snow month. I guess we’ll see. They’re saying Tuesday. The trick to catching falling snow, for me, was finding the right lens. Otherwise, I’m not sure what I did differently this time, though I think it was brighter than it usually is and the flakes were big. The more serious snow has much smaller flakes.


        • February is usually our snowiest month, though March and January are close behind. It’s quite literally a matter of how the wind blows and from which direction. The climate really IS changing. Mostly, right now, it’s just being weird.


          • I honestly believe climate change is real, but also runs in cycles, I’ve seen weather cycles and watched them over the years, although they are happening a bit closer, but I wished I’d run them down to verify them


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