We were supposed to be somewhere else. We should be there. We should not be here. But we are here and I am not happy about it. Of course, there is another computer — my computer. It has a ton of expensive software on it Garry will never use, but I will use.

Garry’s version of Chrome has no TRASH folder. None. Not. Any. Trash folder. I went looking for it. Because doesn’t everything have a trash folder? I mean, seriously, doesn’t everything come with trash?

You don’t want it? In it goes to the trash. But his doesn’t have one and nothing I did would help. Nothing. At. All.

This is merely to make the middle of this pretty.

My family is snarling at each other.

Expectation? We were supposed to be away. Far away. Having fun. Instead, we are here, trying to figure out why Garry’s Gmail account has no trash. And why his computer up and died for no reason.

I’m trying to feel good about this but I am not succeeding. Bah. Humbug. HUMBUG.

I’m sure I’ll be in a better mental space tomorrow but as for today? Humbug, I cry. Double that. Double humbug.


  1. I have a gmail account and never really use it because I have a Swisscom mail address which does me fine. I suppose I have a trash bin in my g-mail but I rarely look to see what it there because I never use it. Mr Swiss seems to always have something no working on his computer(s), must be a man thing.


    • I just don’t understand it. I’m really upset about having to get another laptop, but I shouldn’t be. His laptop was old and they don’t last forever. It’s just … why now? I mean … how about in another month? I keep my trash around because sometimes, I realize I shouldn’t have trashed it and have to pull it out. Otherwise, it’s just dead stuff.


  2. That sucks. I feel you though. My desktop was dying a slow and painful death, so we just bought me a new laptop. His gmail should have a trash folder though… I’ve never heard of gmail without one. Weird.


  3. Gmail DOES have a “Trash” folder. I know because I’ve accessed mine, many times, over the years. So are you suggesting that it’s Garry’s computer, that it has independently decided to do away with email trash folders in general since you also mention Chrome. I will admit that getting to Gmail trash is not exactly straight forward but it’s there in the folders column and you can empty it all before their delay waiting period. Look again.


  4. I thought Gmail had ditched the Trash folder after an update ages ago but I finally found it – I had to click “more” at the bottom of the folders list. They’ve also renamed it “Bin”, though maybe only for UK customers as “trash” is an American word (though British people understand what it means!). The “more” thing also makes the Spam folder show up.


    • I will check for that. I think mine is back to trash again. They go through these “things,” you know? One day it this, the next, it’s that. He seems (Win 7) to have gotten “stuck” in the “no trash” stage whereas this computer being a Win 10, has the “normal” stuff back again. I suspect Garry’s computer is missing a battery. The computer IS old, probably 6 years, give or take and it wasn’t a great computer at any point. IF our “guy” has a spare battery for it, that would be great. If not, well, I guess he will have my older one. Because I can’t buy another one quite yet. And would you believe it? My Kindle died last night, too. Sometimes, everything happens at once.

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