Garry’s computer went down, but that was okay because he could use my other computer. The Kindle went down, but that turned out okay because Audible fixed it and then Amazon fixed it more. But when my computer went down this afternoon, that was NOT okay. Not even a little bit okay.

First, there was a download. Turned out to be a BIOS download, but they didn’t mention this little detail to me and in any case, it didn’t matter because it blew out all my recovery backups. I have my photographs on hard drives, but the rest of my world is online.

It blew out Photoshop — the one from 2008 which had been running fine, thank you.

computer gargoyle

It also blew out my sound, but after a bit of jiggling, I got that back. It blew out both of my C-port adaptors. They were cheap and I can cope with stuff that cost me ten bucks. Brand new. But when she told me the jpgs weren’t working and I had to call the company that owns my cameras, I got a little crazy. I was trying really, really hard to be normal, you know? I was trying to not breathe hard, not scream in panic or anything. I was doing okay, but that was it for me.

I said “It’s a FREAKING JPEG. It’s not a fancy schmantzy super special thing that comes with my fancy camera. It’s a JPEG. A lousy little JPEG.”

We eventually worked our way around to the point where she admitted there had been a lot of calls today, all pretty much like mine with people screaming “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY COMPUTER?”

So — everything is working. Except I don’t have software. For pictures. I do, however, have Photoshop on Garry’s computer and the guy from the computer shop is fixing HIS computer. To be fair, Alien is pretty sure they can get me a version of Photoshop, too. It’ll just take a couple of days.

I’m just saying … it was one thing. Then, there was another thing. THEN, there was THIS thing. I’m totally freaking nuts. Except the computer is working … minus the lack of software. Maybe we’ll get that fixed too. Oy.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!


  1. I hear every word, Marilyn. When my computer turns on me, and then goes Dark, there is a bit of me that goes Dark too. A moment of utter panic. then I think, WHY? Then I think, why not?


  2. My mum’s wise saying was that “things always happen in threes” but it seems you have even topped that. I have not had a Windows 10 download for some time, although they happen automatically in the background and I have never heard of a BIO download, so I hope I do not get it. I think I would also despair if my photo software would not work. I have my photos on the computer and two extra disks as well as online. I have even started now to write the injection details in a notebook in case my iPhone loses the Notice file, which it did once and should not. My Kindle once gave up with the charger, but it is a known problem and Amazon replaced it within a few days. I just had to return my broken Kindle. They even sent me labels for the partcel. We do not have Amazon in Switzerland and it all comes from Germany. The problem is that often english DVDs are not available from Germany, so we have to order them from England or even USA. Switzerland – the forgotten country it seems.


    1. This was a BIOS download and generally, when it’s something major like that, they warn you. They forgot. Apparently for things like this computer which is not a simple little old computer, it hit hard. I got the sound back. I got almost everything back with fiddling, but the software went crash and thud and that’s that. I’m a bit lost at the moment. That actually IS three, come of think of it. I have to get some kind of software back on here. It is the ONLY download since way back early on, too. There aren’t a lot of downloads for Win 10. Not like Win 7.


    1. It has been a true bummer of the techo kind. I’m sure, now that Dell has done their worst, they will now fix things, a little here, a little there. Meanwhile … I actually burned out two C-port pieces. One of them got so hot, I think it was about to flame. How does that HAPPEN on a laptop>

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  3. It’s usually updates that do this. Instead of improving matters it screws up everything. I had this happen and I couldn’t access my photos to use in videos. I complained and they realized that the update made it impossible to work with a large number of pixels. I was talking to the techie and he showed me how to adjust the photos so I could use them until they did a fix on the matter. They did fix it and they called me to let me know. Thank you Apple. I always wait a week or two before going ahead with an update. Hopefully, that will give them time to find and fix the problems.


    1. This was a bad one and it was a poorly considered BIG download. It’s not a big deal when it’s a small thing, you know? But when it’s a BIOS or something like that, all kinds of stuff can go wrong and this computer is complicated. It’s done. I got it put together again. I’m still pretty surprised at myself.

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