Yesterday night,  I had no photographic software. But as I lay abed pondering the irrationality of life, technology, and all that … I realized I own Photoshop CS5. Not only do I own it, but without getting complicated, I really own it. Hugely. Maybe even bigly.

Bonnie, always number one

Bonnie, always number one

There wasn’t a whole lot of difference between PS5 and PS6. Nothing so big you’d simply need to own it. These days, I use more filters than the stuff in Photoshop. I use its straightener and change the size of things. I use the rotator and the basic size. I also use the text and sometimes, the various layers when I want to do something — different.

For most pictures, I use Photoshop so I can work with filters.

I’m also very fond of Bridge. It doesn’t get crazy dumping all 59,749 photographs into it. It just does it. I have them backed up. There are another 40,000 (give or take) that aren’t even on the drive because I thought probably, I could live without them.

Gibbs, my go-to subject

Gibbs, my go-to subject

The final issue, since yesterday’s blow out left me with nothing that will work in either of the C (Thunderbolt) ports, is whether the pictures would show up. They showed up. Ready to go, boss.

Considering the horror of yesterday, this was a simple, elegant sit down. Me, with my software gathered about me on the sofa. I made it happen. I did it.



Share Your World – February 13, 2017

Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

I un-tuck them. Garry tucks them in. As you can imagine, this makes for some creative bed-making. Mostly, however, it is an endless little tussle between the tucker and the un-tucker. Since we sleep under a down comforter, mostly, I win. Yay! Besides, my feet cramp under a tight sheet.

Have you stolen a street sign before?

What do you mean by “before”? Does this mean I am currently, unbeknownst to myself, stealing a street sign? Because it’s blowing a gale out there and is really cold … and there’s more than a foot of snow on the ground. So, all other things aside, this is not good street sign stealing weather.

Moreover, there are almost no street signs to steal in New England. It’s a thing. We don’t waste money on street signs, the theory being if you don’t know where you are, why are you here? Thus, I have never personally stolen a street sign. I have, however, been the receiver of stolen goods, the spoils of other peoples’ ill-gotten gains, street sign-wise.

Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?

I don’t clip coupons. They give us coupons with our grocery and drug store receipts, but I still forget to use them. Oops.

Do you have freckles?

I used to have freckles. Now I have liver spots. It’s more a matter of degree and attitude. Liver spots bear many similarities to freckles, except liver spots are not cute. They do not inspire pig tails. Liver spots are aggressive and mean-spirited. And much bigger than a freckle has any right to be.