1. Mainly, I do what I can without standing in the middle of the road, or, in the case of the cabin, too far below to get a picture of the porch. Over the years, I’ve sort of learned how to take pictures when you can’t take that picture. Garry’s good too because of all those years of grabbing news for TV, so he just shoots and worries (more to the point I worry) about later … later 🙂


          1. That’s the way to do it though. Then you capture perfection. It’s those I have to take this now shots that work so well (more often than not). sometimes pictures that are “set up” aren’t as good as the by the seat of your pants pics. to me anyway


    1. In town, it can be difficult to shoot from a distance with all the people. Garry is better with people than I am, but they get in my way. And this building wasn’t even on the street. It was sort of behind other buildings, on an alley. Boston is old enough that you have buildings on alleys with cool names like “Alley 41” and the building (I kid you now) is 35-1/2. You don’t see that much anymore 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I think that was one of the very first “tall” buildings in Back Bay. Mostly, Boston doesn’t have much in the way of tall building for living. there are some tall ones for business, but for living, we tend to be … squatters, pretty much. That one, I loved the railings. A lot of these, it’s hard to step back with traffic and so many people, so I shoot UP. And the day was mighty fine 🙂

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  1. love the fire escapes, always have, but I could never live where they have them. I get agita just looking at that picture, as cool a perspective as it is–I would be the woman slowly fleeing from the burning building, one cautious step at a time, not to look at the spaces beneath her…

    one thing I like about b/w photography, it immediately makes you aware of spaces and shapes, and you don’t have the distraction of color.


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