Yesterday night,  I had no photographic software. But as I lay abed pondering the irrationality of life, technology, and all that … I realized I own Photoshop CS5. Not only do I own it, but without getting complicated, I really own it. Hugely. Maybe even bigly.

Bonnie, always number one
Bonnie, always number one

There wasn’t a whole lot of difference between PS5 and PS6. Nothing so big you’d simply need to own it. These days, I use more filters than the stuff in Photoshop. I use its straightener and change the size of things. I use the rotator and the basic size. I also use the text and sometimes, the various layers when I want to do something — different.

For most pictures, I use Photoshop so I can work with filters.

I’m also very fond of Bridge. It doesn’t get crazy dumping all 59,749 photographs into it. It just does it. I have them backed up. There are another 40,000 (give or take) that aren’t even on the drive because I thought probably, I could live without them.

Gibbs, my go-to subject
Gibbs, my go-to subject

The final issue, since yesterday’s blow out left me with nothing that will work in either of the C (Thunderbolt) ports, is whether the pictures would show up. They showed up. Ready to go, boss.

Considering the horror of yesterday, this was a simple, elegant sit down. Me, with my software gathered about me on the sofa. I made it happen. I did it.


8 thoughts on “RICH AND JUICY, YUM”

    1. I had bought Photoshop 6 because I had a copy and I wanted a new one while I still could get it, but the difference between 5 and 6 was nothing much, really. And then, I thought “Well, why not? Nothing else has worked.” So this version of PS from … 2006? It’s the one that finally works! Garry’s just happy I’m smiling!


  1. good for you. damn that’s a cool feeling, isnt it. I get the same glow (well, sorta) when I encounter an intractible (intractable?) virus and after some serious futzing about I suddenly see where it’s hiding…and it’s gone…

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    1. I thought I was out of tricks, but it turned out there WAS one more. I had nothing to lose. It would work, or not. YAY it worked.

      I used to feel that way when I was putting a book together and all those various chapters suddenly fell right into place. It’s probably the only thing I miss about working 😀


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