Whoosh. I was into a dream.

I was at the top of the stairs looking down at my house. Part of the house had bright lights on.

“Funny,” I thought. “Why are those lights on? I should turn them off.”

I grabbed Garry to come downstairs with me and help me figure out why those bright lights were shining. Somewhere, I noticed that we were in a big, attractive brick house that apparently, we owned. Except it isn’t the house in which we live, but it was definitely ours. We got down to the first floor and … blur … we were younger than we are now. Maybe twenty, thirty years? We found the lights and turned them out. I realized that someone I know from the blogging world was living there, too … and so were other people.

That was when … blur … I realized I had no idea where this house had come from or why we owned it. We wandered around the house for a while and it was a very handsome, rather large house and quite a few people were living there. The house was well cared for. Someone was managing it, but I wondered …

Blur … When did we get the house? Where was the money from it going? I thought about it and out of the … blur … came the reality that I recalled I’d seen something which had our name on it. Another mortgage, so this must be that house, but … blur … blur … blur …

I woke up. I lay there a while, so blurry I couldn’t quite get out of the dream. The house. We owned the house. Where did it come from? After a while, back to sleep … and there was blur … another house. In another part of the world, maybe Montana or Colorado. It belonged to a writer and it was a huge house, full of people who wrote books, painted pictures. All people like us. Kind of old, but who used to do artistic things … and I thought “we must have just left our other house … maybe at our age, it doesn’t really matter any more …”

And blur … I woke up again. Clearly there was no further point in sleeping. It was going to be about this house we owned but didn’t own, the house we had moved to, but hadn’t moved to.


New House

To see a new house in your dream indicates that you are taking on a new identity and developing new strengths. You are becoming more emotionally mature.


In general, dreaming of new things and new places corresponds to what is new in your waking life. It refers to something that is different or unfamiliar.

At no point did the new house, either the big one made of brick and in excellent condition … or the old, but wonderfully charming house out west … seem to be unpleasant places. There were a lot of “places” to discover, but they were not unpleasant places. Blurry, yes, in the way that dreams always are. Blurry and fuzzy and oddly twisted to form a shape that isn’t “regular.” I looked it up, just to see. I know there are many meanings to things we see in dreams and there had to be an important meaning to dreams and this piece was as good as I found. If you are interested in what things in your dreams may mean, it seems a good place to start checking.

So in the big blur of dreams that come and dreams that wander around our heads for a long time, I’m sure this one meant something. A dream that arrives and will not let go, not even when you wake up from it and then go back to sleep … That dream means something. This dream meant something. I think, maybe, this time, something good.



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: February 19, 2017

My husband does some funny stuff. He carefully stacks up all the doggy toys then laughs hysterically when they all fall down. And he does it very carefully, making sure that each toy in carefully placed where he feels it belongs.




All of these make me laugh. But.The one that really makes me laugh are the ones Garry writes on the whiteboard on the refrigerator. These remind him what special goodies he needs to feed Bonnie and Gibbs.

Because it's important to know what you need to feed those furry people!

Because it’s important to know what you need to feed the furry people!