Snow, and then … not so much snow … and finally … tee-shirts, but there’s snow here and there. Of course the tee-shirt weather won’t last, but it’s a wonderful nearly spring time. We got a lot of pictures. Everyone was out with a camera today.


The temperature is going up all the way to around 60 this week and maybe, if we are lucky, it’s the end of winter. So … a few more pictures.

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  1. My daffodils bloomed yesterday. Only a month early. I’ll tolerate the early Spring ONLY if the grass doesn’t sprout up early as well…


  2. Those photos of snow aways make it seem colder. How could it have been so warm yesterday? It’s dreary and rainy today and a wee bit cooler.


  3. You took some great photos of the big thaw. I am sure it felt great to be able to get out again with the camera.

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    • It sure did. It’s still very muddy. It will probably stay that way because there’s a lot of rain on the way this weekend, but at least for now, the doors are open and we have (gasp) AIR! Real, honest-to-god AIR in the house.


    • Mrs. Swiss, we felt rejuvenated by our outdoor pics session. By evening, things didn’t feel so good.

      Little victories count.


  4. This is a wonderful montage of end-of-snow shots! I hope your winter has really come to an end, and that you won’t have another few weeks of snow!

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