Share Your World – February 20, 2017

When you cut something with scissors, do you move your jaw (as if you were about to chew)?

I don’t think so. I admit this upfront — I never thought about it.

Do you chew your pens and pencils?

I used to chew pencils, but I have given up pencils. I have given up pens (mostly) in favor of keyboards. So … I don’t seem to chew anything that isn’t food. But I did, when I was younger.


History and movie dolls

History and movie dolls

Are you a collector of anything?  If so what?

Ah. Collections. I used to collect everything. Now … well … maybe a few things.


I collect tee-shirts for books — the tours for new books. I have maybe a dozen of them for a couple of books I dearly love. I collect weird tee-shirts for NCIS and occasionally, stuff that just happens to have a movie quote on it that makes me laugh. Not just tee shirts. Actually sweat shirts too.


I do not collect pottery . Or dolls. I still have many dolls remaining from when I did collect them. Not as many as I had, but plenty. I’m down from many hundreds to a few hundred. Now, though, we collect dog toys. There’s always something.

To keep the collecting thing in check, we:

  • Do not go to book stores
  • Do not go to video stores (even the used ones)
  • I never ever look on line at old dolls or ancient Chinese pottery.
  • Unfortunately, we do seem to gravitate to museum stores.

Oh, and widgets, gadgets, dongles, and doo-dads. All of them. Because you never know when you’ll need one of them, right? Of course I’m right. And gadget/camera bags. But not so many these days.

Some things, there’s no escaping.

What size is your bed? 

Queen size. We would have gotten a king, if only for the gigantic hugeness of it. But — the room is too small. We could have had the bed, but then we’d have had to put our clothing in another room … which, all things considered, we could have done. Who knew how our world would change?


Still, I’m not the least bit unhappy with our bed. It’s the most comfortable bed in 12 universes and sometimes, just lying down for the night produces joyous moans of satisfaction.

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21 replies

  1. Wonderful dolls, dear Marilyn! I wish I had a collection like yours!
    Best wishes,


  2. I collect sugar packets. I have Beghin Say from France, Cafe Castel from Argentina, Cafe Carambuco from Spain, Cafeteria Confiteria Goyesca from Spain, Neon from Greece, Calnu from Uruguay, etc…..
    We have a good old double bed, it fits the bedroom.


    • My mother collected little tiny cream pitchers.

      I think everyone collects SOMETHING. It may be something tiny — sugar packets are good, though — don’t they get a little bit “stiff” after years in the cupboard? Or do you just save the packet and dump the sugar?

      My son used to collect matchbooks when every place in the world had matchbooks. Now, you can’t find a book of matches anywhere. You have to actually BUY matches. Imagine that.

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      • I got them out and they are getting rather hard. Doesn’t matter, they didn’t cost anything, they didn’t weigh much and I still get a little thrill thinking about the places.
        I think my parents collected those match books too. If I hunt around I still might find them.


  3. We had a “joyous moan of satisfaction” last night as we got into bed. I had been driving all day taking photos and Lynn had been in a meeting and then a dinner party from 8:30 in the morning until 10:30 last night. I think we both fell asleep even before we fell into bed. And I see you have The Searchers poster. I have that same poster. One of my most favorite films, though I never really liked John wayne!


    • It’s a great poster. It IS one of Garry’s favorite movies, but not one of mine. But I like the poster and I am glad we are not alone 😀

      I know that feeling. Usually that’s how we feel after a long drive. We get home, tend to the dogs, eat something and then … we fall into bed with a little squeal of joy. Ah, that moment of bliss!

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  4. Sounds like you have the perfect bed for you. 😀 😀


    • It’s wonderful. It’s a full, solid latex mattress with a cool-top 2″ cover on it. And it’s movable, which is good because breathing is difficult. It’s also good for watching TV or reading a book. I bought it 15 years ago and it’s still great. The solid latex mattresses last forever, or nearly so. I added the extra 2″ cover after my heart stuff and I needed just a little extra softness under sore back and hips. Several of my friends have bought similar beds and it really changed their world. They are less expensive now than they were, though the latex mattress is not cheaper. BUT, on the up side, those air mattresses are now available for adjustable beds and I’m told they are very good too. You might think about it. It’s REALLY comfortable 😀


  5. I collect collections…. which is just another way of saying I’m a hoarder. Animals figurines and stuffies, business cards, cups from sports stadiums, coffee mugs (I don’t drink coffee), shot glasses (I don’t drink alcohol), old bills, souvenir baseballs, packages sent to me from people online, pens, notebooks, instruction manuals, phone books, baseball scorecards, ticket stubs, old magazines, completely random garbage that I’ve stumbled upon over the last 30 years. Yep, they’re gonna need a big dumpster when I die….


    • I know that feeling really well. I give away what I can whenever anyone actually wants anything. The problem is, as we get older, NO ONE wants anything. They’re trying to dump their junk while you are trying to dump yours. It’s like a little game. Whoever says “Oh, that’s nice,” loses. You get it, whatever it was. My mother played this game, too as she got older. Whatever you said looked “nice,” you owned. I learned to NEVER say that, never ever. Because I would own it. It wasn’t horrible stuff, mind you. Just … a LOT of stuff.

      Garry was a total hoarder when I met him. he didn’t own dishes or silverware or pots or pans. But every item he’d gotten on every story he’d ever done, he had. It was a LOT of stuff. Fortunately for both of us, we moved twice and with each move, there was less until we actually got to this house with just ONE full-size super truck.

      We’ve been her 17 years. Guess what? It’s BACK. Again.


  6. I love those history and movie dolls. I’ve seen lots of photos of your other dolls before but I don’t recall those – very cool!


  7. Some good instructions about the dangers of collecting. I don’t get the thing about queen sized and king sized – hasn’t arrived in Switzerland.


    • You must have beds in different sizes, don’t you? And anyway, European sizes are quite different than ours. Just for reference, two standard beds are equal to one king-sized bed here. It’s a really big bed. Too big for this house.


      • We have double beds and single beds. It is often custom here to put two single beds together next to each other each one having its own sheets and bedding, which is very common and probably the equivalent of the King sized. The double beds are not as wide.


        • At least half our king-sized beds are really two beds togethers. You CAN get a whole king bed, but they are awkward and many people like to have their own covers. It took us years to learn to sleep together without fighting over the covers. Which is why I had wanted a king … but the bedrooms have been too small.


  8. I guess I didn’t get into collecting as one day my mother threw out my collection of dolls which would be quite rare today, all made with porceline. It broke my heart so I didn’t bother again.

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    • We all lost our dolls. I kept one until I gave her away more than 30 years ago. All of these I collected during the past 15 years. Collecting is fun, but it really fills your house FAST.

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      • It would. Still it’s something you enjoy and it gives you great pleasure.


      • I have an unconscious habit of chewing my cud. So does my middle Brother, Billy. I’ve tried to stop it but can’t.

        No, I don’t chew my pencils or pens. Especially not the pens because that would leave DNA for people looking for the elusive pen thief.

        I accumulate but don’t collect, except for my TCM monthly movie magazines.

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  9. LOVED this post! Your dolls are exquisite. I don’t collect anything. I would collect hummingbird (items) for lack of a better word. I used to have a small collection of hummingbirds that hung on those plastic thingy’s in the window until they all broke. Difficult to find. One day I might begin again. thank you for sharing your collections. I know youve done so before, but they are so lovely.


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