Last night, I spent hours looking for something which was where it was supposed to be. On the correct shelf. In front. Right in the center of the shelf. Nothing was hiding it. It wasn’t behind something or turned the wrong way.

I looked there and couldn’t see it. I looked in all the other places it might possibly be. There’s a cupboard in the kitchen and a rack in the other bathroom. Otherwise, it’s one or the other of my medicine cabinets.


I searched the kitchen thoroughly , in the process finding and tossing out several bottles and tubes of prehistoric stuff — at least a decade old. I did not find what I was looking for.

Finally, I began to question if the container for which I was looking even existed. I was sure I’d bought two bottles of this stuff. It’s not expensive, so I would normally buy a couple and stash a spare. But maybe I only thought I’d bought a spare. Maybe there was only one.

Before tucking myself into bed, I made one last pass. There it was. In the center of the cabinet. Exactly where I had looked at least three times in the past hour.


Despite my tendency to blame it on the dogs or on supernatural wee people, I suspected my eyes had been blind to the container. In its bright yellow box. In bed, I told Garry I had just spent nearly an hour looking for something that was where it was supposed to be and where I had looked several times.

He was sympathetic. “Yes,” he said, “it happens.”

Maybe it really is those pesky, wee brownies, fairies, and pixies messing with me? You think?


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  1. Kinda like the absent minded professor…I like that theory very much! as for where the missings sock are…well, they are with the Tupperware lids


  2. Maybe we enjoy the hunt for things more than we could ever imagine, and sometimes our brain will block out what we’re looking for intentionally so that the search can continue. It’s always in the last place you look, even if you’ve already looked there 100 times…


    • Pixies, damn it. PIXIES!

      I’d blame the dogs, but they can’t get into our room. So it has to be other worldly creatures.


      • Could i humbly suggest you take a quick trip over to Madelyn’s ADD blog and re-read “Why we hate to change our minds” especially the Cognitive Dissonance bit – you got it BAD babe. 🙂



        • And I’m sure it’ll get worse.

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          • Not only does it get worse – you SPREAD it!!

            Last night i was in a quandry for 30 minutes trying to decide what to have to consume before bed, either a drink or a snack. Much of the time was spent checking the ‘fridge. Eventually i reluctantly settled for a few black grapes. This morning when i opened the fridge, staring at me right in the middle, where i had scanned three times the night before, were the two pancakes i had saved specifically to have as a pre-bed snack! At least i get to have them tonight ( if i remember!)

            I am not going to blame the cat, or the dog ( since i don’t have any anymore) nor will i blame imaginary creatures such as Pixies. No, i’m going to lay the blame fair and square where it belongs…
            CIA mind-control technique experiments!!!

            Only kidding…

            … it’s all your fault! 🙂



  3. It is one of the reasons spouses were invented. Can’t find the boots. I look everywhere, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the back hall. Nope, not there. My husband comes in and says, ‘what.” “boots”, I say. He does one revolution of the kitchen and says, “over there by the dining room door.” right where I looked ten minutes ago.
    I blame the cats.

    It could also be the alternate universe experience–for just a moment what you were looking for was in the Other Universe, being found by Other Marilyn. When she was done it came back, and you got to find it again.


    • Pixies. I’m telling you, they’ve been driving me CRAZY for years. Maybe THEY come from That Other Universe. I mean, who knows, right? Garry and the fridge. It’s not there.

      “Yes it is,” I say.
      “It wasn’t there,” he insists.

      That’s what mates are for. We find things. We find things that have fallen between the worlds.


  4. drives me crazy when that happens!!


  5. I think it’s the pesky wee folk. They’re playing with you. Putting it back where you looked is a favorite game of theirs. It’s even a bigger laugh for them when you give up and your spouse finds it immediately, right where you knew it was.


  6. I think that happens to people, like us, that have such a high level intelligence quota, that our brains are concentrating on the importance of solving a quantum mathematical problem, or discovering the actual equative meaning of gravity. When you fall to the ground and have to decide on the comparison of mass against balance of the body, or perhaps discovering why the feet are not always attached in the right place to the legs. People, like us, that exist in worlds of advanced thought, really do not have the time to search for a silly object in a cupboard. There are more important problems to solve in life. I am sure you agree.

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  7. I think the sock monster might have had something to do with it.

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  8. It happens. More often than you think. Hidden — in plain sight.

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