A Photo a Week Challenge: Edible

You said edible and I said … FRUIT! I’m not sure why, but fruit is my favorite food for shooting. Also eating. It’s neat and shiny. Maybe that’s why. You can pile it up, spread it out … and then, you can eat it.


This time of year, there’s not much of it on the market. The local fruit vendors have nothing to sell. There won’t be anything for a few more months.


The stuff from California is not great, but … we have tangerines. They are the saving grace of fruit during the long winter. Here are some tangerines. Orange.


I need to mention that taking pictures of fruits and vegetables is more difficult than it seems. I’m not sure why, but when I sort through all the pictures, only a few are good enough. That might be one of the lessons we get from photography. Easy things are not necessarily as easy as they appear to be.

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  1. I love tangerines. These look delicious! Thanks for joining the challenge!


  2. I bought some cara cara oranges by accident. They have a deeper colour inside but they tasted good. Looking forward to the strawberry season in more ways than one.


  3. I’m more of a satsuma person myself.


  4. When I was in college in Philly, I walked past a store that had strawberries in the window — the biggest strawberries I’d ever seen! I asked where they were from, and learned they were from California! The best fruit at that time was exported to the East Coast, and we got the best of the rest! It’s not been good weather for fruit this year — even the oranges don’t look very good!


    • The tangerines are I think from Florida, but they are a bit tired at this point. They were better a month ago. There won’t be local fruit here until June when the strawberries are out. Until then, we get whatever is available from California and it hasn’t been great in recent years. Those GFO strawberries don’t taste very good. They LOOK great, but they don’t TASTE great.

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      • I’m really picky about strawberries — I have a favorite fruit stand that grows their own, with a short season — when that season is over, the bring them in from other growers, and they’re not as good! Most of our fruit now comes from Mexico or farther south (Guatemala, Nicaragua), and suffers from being picked and shipped at the wrong times. Not like it used to be!



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