Someone complained. “How come people aren’t up in arms about Scrotus and his attack on the press? Why aren’t people crazy about this?”

I think maybe I got just a little bit crazy hearing that. What exactly are we supposed to be doing that we aren’t already doing? There I was thinking we were doing more than a little bit to keep our bit of resistance happening. Then I hear we don’t care enough because … what? Are we supposed to be building battlements in the roads?

It’s February 2017.  There are going to be at least four years of Scrotus or one of his lackeys up there in The Big Office. He isn’t going to “go away.” If, by some small miracle, he does go away — and I would not count on it — one of his people will take over for him. There won’t be a victory in our immediate future, no matter how much objecting we do. If we blow ourselves up now, where will we be in another year? Two years? Three years?

We’ve got elections coming in 2018. I recommend you people who are so eager for us to be climbing the battlements get busy finding candidates to run for office. As of today, we’re a bunch of angry, frustrated people who hate what’s happening. If we want to be more, we need a party. We need people. We need candidates. We need to be able to show we are better.

Right now, we can’t do that.

This is going to be a long run and what’s going on now is merely the beginning. It will be difficult. Expect to be frustrated as we watch newspapers and television stations try to do what they were better at 50 years ago. You’ve ignored newspapers and other news for years. Now, you want them to stand up and be Walter Cronkite? It can happen, but it’s going to take a while. By the way, are you subscribing to a newspaper? No? Have you considered it? You want news to be powerful? Buy a newspaper. Also, read it. Just saying.

As a side note, am I the only one noticing that Trump is getting old really fast? Even with all the makeup, he looks exhausted. We may wonder how we’ll survive him, but I wonder if he will survive us. The man looks like he is going to explode.

Are we upset? Are you kidding? Seriously?

Of course we’re upset. Garry didn’t work more than 50 years in news to see this. But that being said, we all have personal lives. We have kids, friends, and dogs. We have blogs. We make art. Write stories. Many of us have health problems and some of us are just plain cranky and getting old.

I plan to live through the next few years and come out the other side. Alive. Able to get out and vote.

Garry and his friends all worked for a lot of years in news. All of them are retired. They can do a lot of stuff including being funny. Writing. Talking. Reasoning. Arguing. Contending. Discussing. What they won’t be is out there. On the streets. Marching. Other people are going to have to do that.


This is fair, isn’t it?

It’s a young world and these are terrible, but exciting times. If youth wants this to be their time, they’ll have to make it so. The world goes around and comes around. All the kids who’ve been complaining how we had all the good times, all those marches and all that excitement? Welcome to the exciting world. Go out and fight. Your time has come.

Go forth young ones. Be bold. Fearless. It’s won’t be easy. If you don’t get what you want quickly, you’ll have to get it other way. The long, slow way. There’s a lot of work to do.

I have faith in you.

26 thoughts on “BOLD AND FEARLESS”

      1. Well said. Last night Jon Stewart and John Oliver, serious funny guys shared a similar theme on different shows. People need to stop the senseless ranting and get OUT and get INVOLVED in changing the current political landscape. From local to state to national politics, people need to get involved in bread and butter issues like health care with the 2018 mid term elections their immediate target.

        It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any sanity in 45’s address tonight. Don’t hold your breath!


  1. Right On, Sister!

    I predicted before the inauguration that Agent Orange would not serve more than a year as Pres and thought about how he could back out without losing ‘face’? The logical solution? Retirement due to íll-health! VP steps in, he lies low for a couple then resumes business as usual – assuming he still has the strength that is.

    We can but hope! 🙂



    1. If he keeps looking the way he’s looking, there may be little choice. But we shall see. We have had other presidents who were terribly sick “work” though it, via wives or other cabinet members. It’s illegal, but it has been done. More than once.


  2. The presidency ages the President very fast. If you look at photos of any man who was elected, and then his image two or even three years later, he got old really quickly. I suspect Trump thought this was just a business venture, and he could handle it. What he got was a 24/7 job with no time off, no sleep-ins.

    I just hope he chose someone who CAN step in. Not all VPs are Presidential material. And I do thank every deity out there and we do not have Sarah P. as VP.

    I’m of two minds about all of this–one, yes, we are understandably upset, but there’s a feeling that all the marches, all the bad press, all the shouting and wearing of pink hats and carrying of placards, while giving us a sense of ‘doing something’ really doesn’t do much of anything. The message has been sent, and noted. The other thought is, if Big Brother really is out there, how much of this protesting and vicious anger gets noted, recorded, names, dates, dossiers…?

    Paranoid Poily, heading back to her well stocked bunker…


    1. I’ve noticed it (obviously) with other presidents, but for someone who has only been in office such a short time, this is a rather remarkable downhill slide. Maybe making everyone hate him isn’t working out to be his best potential approach to government?


  3. I am from the other side of world and I feel really exhausted reading about all things that have happen there (even before the Presidency touch two months mark), I can only imagine what You all have to endure everyday.

    All the best wishes for the USA!


    1. Watching our guy crumble is emotionally satisfying, but not going to solve our little problem since his party is in office, not just him. Still, seeing him have to let it all go so he can relax and play more golf? That would be pretty satisfying.

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  4. The only solution is to get the Democratic party off its ass and take its blinders off. I was disappointed in the outcome of the DNC election and then when they decided to vote by acclamation a guy who’d barely gotten half the votes, I was stunned. “Political machinations,” I thought. Meanwhile I’m pursuing my happiness by getting rid of stuff and imagining my death when whoever comes into my house and sees they have no work to do. Seriously, that cheers me up. Not like I’m in a hurry to die, but the simplification of things is a huge relief.


    1. I was infuriated by the DNC election. They don’t get it yet? When will they GET it? Okay, maybe Bernie is a bit old and white, but totally ignoring that there’s so much going on and they need to run with it. And doing nothing? Oh sigh.

      We get rid of tons of things about 6 years ago. Then, after a while, it all came back. Or much of it, anyway. Now, I figure … deal with it when I’m gone.

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      1. Bernie is not out there. He and his ideas have a tremendous following. I think it’s very important not to lose that following because those are voters and many of them didn’t vote because they couldn’t see HRC doing what they would have voted for Bernie for — and what many people actually hoped for when they voted for His Stupidity.


            1. We need a PARTY and a PLATFORM and CANDIDATES. A bunch of people complaining that they hate everything isn’t going to get it done. I’ve been watching the Dems shoot themselves in the foot for many long and painful years and lord help me, but they are doing it again.

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                1. Me too. Sadly, he isn’t. You know, some younger people are going to have to consider that government service is also worth doing, even if it is complicated and doesn’t pay as well as private industry. Typically this was largely filled by rich kids because they could afford to do it. But I don’t see a batch of rich kids hanging around, so maybe all those normal people who complain about the rich people should do the job. Just a thought.

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  5. That Spencer Tracy was such a great actor and what a part for him…….beautiful and it is still true today what he says. I have faith that things will work out as long as there are great minds and brave spirits.


  6. All I wanted to do in my declining years (so they have been called, but I tend to disagree) is sit back and enjoy. But it is difficult when I see the turmoil one man can make and I selfishly worry about social security being cut and no other income save for a small stipend each month (bad investment decisions in my “youth”). We did protest the war in Vietnam and I remember armed police coming on to our campus and the sit-in in the admin building. But that time is gone for us. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” We thought we were making a difference. But I just looked up that quote “The more things change…,” to make sure I had it right and found out it was first uttered in France in 1849!


    1. We were bad with money too. Don’t feel too awful about it. It happens and you don’t have to make bad decisions. Sometimes, they just get made FOR you.

      I think — from what I’ve read — we are NOT going to see changes to SS and Medicare. I’m not sure why because that really will set him apart from his “gang of whatever they are.” We’ll see. Nothing is real until we see it and even then, we can be told the next day it didn’t happen.

      We live on SS and stupidly small payouts from AFTRA and WHDH. Pathetic in view of the real cost of things, but that’s life. At least we get it every month. I try to remind myself that it could be worse. Not a LOT worse, but definitely worse.


  7. Excellent post. This is the kids turn to experience the 60s. On steroids. And even though it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The protests do work. We thought the same thing back then. History showed Nixon was listening and shittin in his pants.


    1. I think it does make a difference. Probably bigger than we think. But it really isn’t our turn any more. The youngsters have to get out there. Do stuff. As a start, finding candidates who are qualified to run. If we don’t have a party and a platform, we’re just blowing smoke out of our own asses this time.


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