I’m going to be offline for the day. Maybe two days. I have to reinstall Windows 10 and then, all the software that I just reinstalled. There is something wrong with it. It’s not a big thing, but it’s a thing and either I deal with it now, or I hesitate … because I don’t want to lose all the stuff I’ve got … and eventually, I’ll still have to do it.

I really didn’t want to do this, but I’ve been messing with a bad download for almost three weeks and we have run out of all other possible options. I either put in a new version of Windows 10 Pro, or I live with it very slightly broken. The rest of the machine runs like a bandit, but a bad download is a bad download and there’s nothing else you can do but fix it.


This isn’t even a windows thing. It’s a computer thing. It just happens. One small piece of code that corrupts and suddenly, something doesn’t work. In this case, it took me a couple of weeks to figure out what was actually wrong. It isn’t something obvious I would notice immediately but short of replacing the computer — which I really don’t want to do — it’s replace the operating system.


If I’m not here, I’ll be back as soon as I finish installing all the stuff that needs installing. It may only take me a couple of hours … or it might take a couple of days, depending on my mood and how exhausted I get.

I pretty much knew this was happening. I simply didn’t want to do it. Talk about hesitating! It’s not as bad as it was years ago since so many things are on other people’s servers nowadays. Still, there’s more than enough. I am not going to be happy until I’m done.

I will see you all on the other side. Except — maybe I’ll use a different computer to drop by and say “HI all!” Just because I miss you all.



Our President recently expressed shock when he discovered providing healthcare to 320 million people is complicated.

Who knew?

Everybody knew.

Except the President.

What an insult to every thinking, caring person on the planet! Everything is frigging complicated!

Relationships at work and at home — are complicated. Solving everyday problems — is complicated. Managing young children and old parents — is complicated.


By Mike Marland – @mikemarland

Hasn’t Mr. Trump heard the rubric that everything takes twice as long as you expect? Why is that?

Because everything is complicated! Deciding what to make for dinner for four picky eaters can be annoyingly complex. It can require cooking more than one dish to satisfy everyone. That makes it a complex solution to a complicated problem, involving complex carbohydrates.

The bigger the decision, the more moving parts there are. On a national policy level, every action has consequences and these consequences give birth to another generation of consequences, and so on. The flow chart for anything will look like a spider web.


Someone who doesn’t understand the complexity of national issues should NOT be allowed to solve them! Apparently in Trump’s business world, he could just make a decision based on whatever he was feeling at the moment. Then his minions would scurry around and make it happen. Maybe that’s possible when you’re simply buying and selling things. Negotiate terms and price — and POOF! A deal. Easy peasy!

I find it impossible to believe anyone outside of a primitive village in the middle of nowhere could be so utterly clueless about how the world works today. It is mind-boggling that any sane or half-way intelligent human being could think that anything a government does for millions of people could be quick and easy.

Note the use of the terms ‘sane’ and halfway intelligent’.

Trump has consistently assured his followers that he has quick, easy solutions for every issue. I thought he was being cynical when he said that. That he was knowingly blowing smoke up his base’s collective ass.

I was wrong. He believed his own hype! He actually thought, “I can sit down and come up with the perfect solution for healthcare that all you bozos have been struggling over for the past 70 years. In a single sitting. On the first try!”

By Mike Marland - @mikemarland

The good news? Someone finally got through to Trump. On something. They must have explained the governmental facts of life to him in some awkward, uncomfortable conversation. Was there a tantrum involved?

At least our President seems — for the moment — to understand at least some issues facing this country are incapable of a ‘quick fix.”  Now let’s see how our fearless leader tackles the ’12 and over’ toys in his toy-chest. Lord help us all!


lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown


Slurry with the Fringe on Top

Can’t you see it, my fine sir?
Your life is one long racial slur,
combined with the disdain you feel
for a fine calf in a high heel.
You rail and sputter, disdain and roar
until your scorn becomes a bore.
A petulant and spoiled child,
you bring out what is dark and wild
in those you seek to represent,
’til all of us are madness bent.

Others seek to stem the tide.
They match your vain despotic pride
with reason, kindness, calls for peace.
On their calm waters, you float like grease.
How can our country have sunk this low?
We’re  pulled out by your undertow.
We struggle here, in sight of land
where calm  and justice have been banned.

You are the antithesis to reason.
Charged with infamy and treason,
you simply hold a mirror to
the truth and say it isn’t you!
Slinging charges wild and truthless,
you show your nature: vain and ruthless.
You pollute our rivers, offend our friends.
The harm you do just never ends.

The principles of our constitution
cry out for their restitution.
These shores that welcomed your family
call out for equality.
Those rights women have fairly won
are not yet ready to be done.
WE THE PEOPLE seek to be heard.
We’re tired of actions we find absurd.
In place of your outrageous gall,
we seek your silence once and for all!

Source: Slurry with the Fringe on Top


In my world, most of my dogs haven’t liked being photographed. Bonnie always finds the darkest place in any room. Black dog, lots of shadows. It doesn’t make much of a picture.


I have thousands of pictures of Bonnie, but unless Garry is holding her, she’s asleep. Because that’s the only time I can get a shot of her.


Gibbs is another story. He begs to be photographed. He’s so godawful cute. Moreover, there’s something so sad about his face. He always looks as if the next thing that happens is going to be terrible. He has had a difficult life, but nothing terrible has happened to him for an entire year. I’m counting on him to cheer up.



Actually, that’s not true. He has two modes. FOOD!!! And sadness.