I’m going to be offline for the day. Maybe two days. I have to reinstall Windows 10 and then, all the software that I just reinstalled. There is something wrong with it. It’s not a big thing, but it’s a thing and either I deal with it now, or I hesitate … because I don’t want to lose all the stuff I’ve got … and eventually, I’ll still have to do it.

I really didn’t want to do this, but I’ve been messing with a bad download for almost three weeks and we have run out of all other possible options. I either put in a new version of Windows 10 Pro, or I live with it very slightly broken. The rest of the machine runs like a bandit, but a bad download is a bad download and there’s nothing else you can do but fix it.


This isn’t even a windows thing. It’s a computer thing. It just happens. One small piece of code that corrupts and suddenly, something doesn’t work. In this case, it took me a couple of weeks to figure out what was actually wrong. It isn’t something obvious I would notice immediately but short of replacing the computer — which I really don’t want to do — it’s replace the operating system.


If I’m not here, I’ll be back as soon as I finish installing all the stuff that needs installing. It may only take me a couple of hours … or it might take a couple of days, depending on my mood and how exhausted I get.

I pretty much knew this was happening. I simply didn’t want to do it. Talk about hesitating! It’s not as bad as it was years ago since so many things are on other people’s servers nowadays. Still, there’s more than enough. I am not going to be happy until I’m done.

I will see you all on the other side. Except — maybe I’ll use a different computer to drop by and say “HI all!” Just because I miss you all.


38 thoughts on “NO HESITATION. I’M DOING IT. UGH.”

  1. Oh dear, yes I have been there and done that, but it always worked in the end. Since I have had Windows 10, I have had not big problems, although Mr. Swiss has to make calls to our computer doctor now and again. I can understand your grief and frustration (sounds like a human being doesn’t it) and I am sure you will be back up and running in no time.


    1. This was a bad download. I’ve seen it happen on Macs and PCs and it will work out, but there’s no getting away from needing to fix it. It’s really a stupid little thing … until it becomes a much bigger thing. I just didn’t want to do it. Right now, I’m just waiting for a callback from the tech. Hopefully, he’ll call. Otherwise, I’m going to have to do this all over again.


  2. Hi, Marilyn.

    That is not good. Before you wrestle the Beast from Redmond in a steel cage match, have you tried restoring your system to a given point in time? I realize you are PC-savvy, but I had to ask just in case doing so escaped your notice while you were busy slamming Windows with a chair pulled from under the mat.

    Seriously, stories such as this plus my own negative experiences with the thing Bill Gates unleashed upon the world are why I totally dumped that OS and went to Linux. I have not looked back since.

    Watch out! The Beast is holding a foreign object and the referee is distracted!

    All the best,
    Keith V.


  3. To quote Florida Evans (from the 1970s show “Good Times”): “Damn damn DAMN!” This will take some time to fix. It’s the kind of annoying issue that makes me glad I no longer work at I.T. help desks or provide second-level support. Good luck!


    1. it is an annoying issue and the reinstall is done. Now, I’m sitting here waiting for applications to download and hoping i remember my passwords. It’s just going to take a while. There are so many things that need installing. SO many.


      1. It’s for a certain kind of person and that person isn’t you. It’s my ex-husband — a brilliant guy who falls somewhere on the Asperger’s continuum and would find it fascinating.


          1. Yep. We do. I was thinking about that yesterday as I continued on my crusade to get rid of detritus from the past. I’ve saved things because they belonged to some “her” who was me at a different point in time. 🙂


            1. I know. Garry hates letting go of anything. He is terribly sentimental. He claims to be romantic, but he isn’t. He’s just terribly sentimental about almost everything. It was cuter when someone could actually walk into his office without falling over a box with some kind of crap in it. Now, it’s just a mess.

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  4. Geez. I was down for a couple of days while Rose’s kid installed my new system. Did some reading. TV was awful. There’s next to nothing compared to my computer. Gotta admit, I’m an outright addict.


  5. See you soon as your back, hopefully that won’t be long. I hate that about computers! If I didn’t have my son’s help, I’d be spending a damn fortune fixing issues since I have no clue, well in theory I do, I just don’t know how to do what needs doing. He’s explained enough I could build one from the ground up, its just hands on I can’t do, lol so your all safe! snicker snicker ttywygb


      1. My son considers it a pain in the ass and he can do this stuff with his eyes closed. Sounds like you know your way around too. Still, its a PAIN in the ass I hate it! Hopefully, that’s all it is and not a defect in the comp itself. NOT a Mon or Fri comp! snickers


        1. I know HOW to do it. I just hate it. It’s slow, it’s boring. Maybe because I’ve done it so many times before, it’s even MORE boring than it used to be. At least finally it’s done. What a LONG day.


    1. it’s actually a good system if you put it onto a computer that is clean. if you overload it onto a Win 7 computer, it’s a disaster. But 7 is good too. If you’ve got a 7 computer that works, there’s no reason to bother. 10 is much faster, but only really when you start cooking. After that, it’s just another application.

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  6. I’m beginning to think you took everyone else offline with you! I was surprised when I woke up this evening at how slow traffic had been on my blog today. It doesn’t help that Google has now displaced me as the top result for “xxxxxxxxxxxl” so I don’t even get as many strangers stop by anymore looking for strange things…


    1. I’ve heard this from a lot of people lately. Sometimes I have days like that. I get a number so awful, it’s cringeworthy. NO idea why, but every week or two, it’s just dead. I’ll be back tomorrow. I was SO tired by the end of the day, I could just about answer a few comments. Tomorrow will be better.


  7. Deepest of heartfelt and shared sympathy.

    You remember what Einstein is credited with having said about Insanity??

    I haven’t learned to switch to Linux yet either 😦



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