This post will be very brief. Rather than writing something I want to show you something. My wife Ellin and I belong to an audio theater group called VoiceScapes Audio Theater.


We do … well … audio theater. We are introducing a new feature we are going to post online called “Snippets”. What’s a Snippet Good question.



Basically Snippets are very short audio comic strips. I’m debuting our first Snippet here because it actually began as a post on this blog.  If TV Shows Were Real. And it is actually a variation of the format of Serendipity. Writing told with both words and pictures. I thought it be would appropriate to try it out first here. I’m also doing it because I really want your opinion. If you like it, great.



If it is horrible, tell me.



Really. No kidding. We’re experimenting here. So check it out. It’s only a couple of minutes long and I think it’s funny.  But I think farts are hilarious.

17 thoughts on “A “SNIPPET” – BY TOM CURLEY

  1. And curiously, that was exactly like my day. Really. Completely. Like. Today.

    Very cute. Proving that it doesn’t matter what you use. Just pay the ransom.

    It’s a bit slow uploading, at least on this little machine (32 GB Kindle). It’s a LOT faster on my big machine!


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