I installed the new operating system, taking everything down to zero. Rebuilt both drives. Added software for documents and photography. Added the plug-ins that I use more than the software. Added back all my photographs, then deleted half of them because what’s the point in having things on back-up drives if you put everything on your hard drives anyhow?

Then, I added the printer, sent a test page, and it printed. It’s 9:40 pm. I’ve been at this since ten this morning. I am one weary cookie.


This doesn’t sound like much until you realize that merely downloading and installing the operating system is a two-hour job — on this computer. On a different computer, it would have been a much longer job. This computer is fast.

What really took a long time was downloading the photographs and the OpenOffice desktop application. The photographs, originally just over 68,000 of them, took about an hour and a half. Then it took me another hour to delete about a third of them. They all exist either in my site, or on both of the hard drives. They are not gone, merely … in hiding.

OpenOffice is a huge application and it’s free. I usually send them a little money anyway because they do such a great  job at creating a full-service application, but their servers are slow. It was nearly two hours downloading the files. Setting them up took a few minutes.


My favorite was in Devices/Printers. I wanted to install my printer. When I added the printer, I got a mini-app which requested some kind of installation or other (?) number.


I had no idea what they wanted, but I went dutifully to my printer. I found a serial code, wrote it on a piece of paper. Came back. Typed it into the file. Hit ENTER.

“Sorry, that didn’t work out. Please check further for the correct number.”

I sighed. It had been a long day. This was the absolutely last thing I had to do. The very last thing. I wanted to be finished, done, ended. So, on a whim, I clicked ‘Install New Printer’ again. Clicked the printer … and without asking for anything, it installed all the files and was up and running in a cat’s meow.

What? What about that serial or whatever number? No? Don’t need it after all? Okay, then.


I know doing a full computer installation can take a really long time, but I needed this to be finished. I was beginning to lose it. I have shockingly little patience with watching things load, download, upload, and in a pinch, side load.

As of this writing, I feel totally loaded.

But you know what’s really super hilariously funny?

I didn’t need to do this. They had given me incorrect information about the recovery function. All it needed was one click. I didn’t need this whole big deal. I didn’t need to spend almost 10 hours installing and loading. I suppose the good news is that everything is working brilliantly, but … I just needed someone to give me the right directions on how to use the recovery function.

I believe I have a headache. Then again, who wouldn’t?

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  1. OOps!… My Mistook – i have LIBRE Office ver 5 – it’s freeware ( from Europe) and as far as i’m concerned better than Microsoft office and does pretty much the same job – minus licence fees – they rely on donations also. Appreciate it was probably a server problem and you’ve got it back now so no need to fret over it i guess 🙂

    I’d say you have excellent skills, surpassed only by your patience – i would balk at trying for 10 hours straight and just consider buying a new system 😀 ( not that i could afford it – Drat!) Was considering switching from win 7 to win 10 but the download was over 37 GIGAbytes which is around 7 months of my isp monthly limit on peak – would have cost me a FORTUNE! 😦



  2. Proves my theory that they’ve gone TOO far making computers more complex so that we have to rely upon software companies to fix what we used to easily do ourselves.
    Oh for the (not-so) good old days of MS-DOS – at least i had a chance to understand how most of that worked and fix what went wrong. 😦

    I’ve got Open Office (ver and it took nowhere near that long to download and install – and my d/l speed is pretty pathetic ( as is much of Australia’s) ??

    Glad to hear your pc is better and you survived the ordeal.



    • I can’t even GET OpenOffice beyond 4.1.3! I didn’t even know they HAVE a version that high. From here, there are only have two servers from which I can get it and both are S-L-O-W. My computer is whiplash fast, but on man, those servers are not. But once it was downloaded, setting it up took a couple of minutes. It probably didn’t help that I was answering comments on my dashboard at the same time, I suppose.

      Yes, it was nice when it was simpler, but there was so much we couldn’t do on the old ones. Those black screens with green letters would blind me now. i’m pretty good with software, not great with hardware … and as time goes on, I’m losing track of things. I was pretty on top of the computer biz when I was working, but I stopped working 10 years ago and things have gradually drifted off. At least I still CAN install an OS. That’s something.


  3. Ha! 10 hours versus one click? I would track down the person who gave you the advise and make them suffer for 10 hours. I’ve never tried to install a new operating system, but the last time I got a new computer, it took me a full two weeks to re-download all my videogames. Videogames are very important to me, even more important than writing silly blog posts.


    • For me, it’s photography software. it’s one program, then 10 different filters … and 55,000 photographs. Oh, and the writing. And the software to do the writing. HOWEVER, now that i’ve got the whole thing in reasonable order, maybe NOW I can get a game or two. I couldn’t do anything until I got this sorted out. I would torture whoever did this to me, if I could find her. That’s why they don’t have telephone numbers or addresses. Because we might find them. And then, well, you know …

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  4. Applause to you because I wouldn’t even attempt it. 🙂


  5. What an exhausting day and I can imagine how annoyed you felt that you didn’t have to do it. It’s like walking up a steep hill and then discovering there was an easier path round the other side. Oh well, the important thing is that your computer now works the way it should.


  6. What a relief, well done you deserve a Brava for that. That is a dignified award requiring you take a bow.


  7. Color me impressed. And while you apparently didnt need to do all that, you did it, and well, and if something (god forbid) goes kerfuffle in the future you have a working knowledge of the entire thing.

    The sad thing is, we have come to depend on something for everything (practically) in our lives, and it’s not always as dependable as we expect. Sometimes I wonder just who is running who. When we had dial up, about a million years ago, now and then for no particular reason the computer would call itself up, and from a full floor away I’d hear “beep beep beepbeep booooo”.. and “…dialing…”


    • I’m trying to not get TOOOO upset that all I needed was a simple piece of information about how the two hard drives worked. But it does work like a bandit today. After one more taking out and replacing of Google, that is.


  8. You were probably working through my night, while I was sleeping you were reconstructing a computer. Am glad it is now up and running. There is nothing worse than a computer not doing its job.


    • I am almost alive this morning. And it’s going to be One Of Those Mornings. It’s not even 11 and the oil truck is here already and the dogs are in nutsy mode. Ah life. But I got a reasonable amount of sleep in between. I was really exhausted. Amazing, because all I did was scrunch with the computer — from AM to late, late PM.

      It was like … WORK!


  9. Well what goes along with poorly written Manuals is poor tech support. At least they are consistently trying to screw you up, eh?


    • No, in this case, they were trying to help but I don’t think THEY know the rules and regs . These dual booted machines are different and with the new OS, they are pretty much guessing. The only reason I got the RIGHT information is that finally, so I could input the new version of Win 10, they sent me to the crunchy developers section. They knew the answer off the top of their heads. Just, they don’t necessarily chat with the OTHER guys.

      Oh well. I have a REALLY CLEAN install.

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      • I admire your true grit, Mary-Lynne. But what a long day’s journey into night. I know I couldn’t say anything given your growing frustration and anger. But the dogs and I were ready to eat the gas pipe. Yikes!


      • I guess I feel that if you’re a professional in the field, you should know about these things?


        • I just did the best I could. TRUST me. If they had TOLD me all I needed was to “click here” and it was fixed, I would NOT HAVE SPENT THE ENTIRE DAY WITH MY COMPUTER. Really. Knowing is all well and good, but if there is ANYTHING more boring that replacing an operating system, I have no idea what it might be.


  10. Well, “recovery” is all very well (when it works) but now you’ve got a nice clean install.



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