As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I was in Israel for nearly 9 years, from the very beginning of 1979 through the end of 1987. I sort of missed the 1980s and from everything I’ve been hearing about it, I didn’t miss much. A few TV shows, but with all the reruns available everywhere these days, I’m catching up on them.


More interesting is that I came from a high-tech world in Israel and returned to a high-tech world here. It wasn’t quite high-tech when I left, but it was considering it. There were many new ideas that would morph into even more new ideas.

Video discs, which, I think, eventually became DVDs. Other parts of the same thing became the life-force of “computer-generated” creations we now see everywhere. I left at the beginning of this mad rush to technology and came back in the middle of it, a hardened veteran of the high-tech wars. I went directly from what I’d been doing in Israel — documenting software — to documenting software. Here. I’m pretty sure that some of it was the same stuff I’d worked on in Israel.

Yet, for all my high-tech-ness, there are things from which I will never recover.


You’d think this would only happen if a major piece of equipment punks out.


You’d be right, most of the time. Except — I don’t know how many times I reinstalled operating systems for machinery that had a loose plug. I just needed to … plug it in. To the machine. Sometimes, to the wall.


I panic when I turn on my camera and I can’t see anything.

“Oh NO! My camera just died.”

Total panic. Full hysteria. Something is terribly wrong and I … Oh. Never mind. My camera didn’t die. I forgot to take the lens cap off. What a ninny.


Despite my frenzy of panic, I have never called tech support because I forgot to remove the lens cap … or because I needed to push the plug back in the wall. This isn’t because I’m too smart for that. I’m plenty dumb enough, thank you. It’s that I don’t like having to call customer service for any reason.

It’s my last port of call, when all else has failed. Most of the time, I’m grateful. And, in the end, most things “fix themselves.” Unplug it, count to ten, and plug it back in. Fixed.

You will never find out what was wrong anyway. If rebooting doesn’t work, sometimes making a sandwich, eating it, and coming back to the desk will take care of it. Like, 90% of the time.


I had a boss who commented there really is a reason for everything that happens. The problem is, the amount of time and effort it would take to discover exactly what went wrong can take weeks. At which point you’ll discover it didn’t matter anyway.

You have to make decisions about what matters. First, reboot.


Yesterday morning, there was a spider in my bed. This is a bad thing. Not merely do I not like spiders (okay, I’m terrified of spiders), but a spider in my bed can cause me to stay up all night and refuse to leave the sofa in the living room. Yesterday, it was there. In my bed. And Garry was in the shower. By the time I could extract him from the shower, who knows what that spider might be doing.

But it wasn't quite this large
But it wasn’t quite this large

I solved the problem. I got paper towels and screamed hysterically while I removed the spider from the bed. Garry can’t hear me when I scream (no hearing aids in the shower), so I just screamed. A lot.

Having removed the spider. I (later) asked Garry how there could be a spider in the bed? Practical man, he said probably one of the packages I’d brought in from outside had a spider on it.

“Oh,” I said. “That makes sense.” Because until that moment, I was ready to tear the entire room to pieces to find that lair of spiders.

Just saying.


    1. I always put it in the camera bag. If I put it anywhere else, it hides and never returns. But I also buy lens caps in sets of 6 at a time. Because sometimes, they just HIDE. The come out, though … after you’ve bought new ones. That always makes the old ones reappear. I’m glad I’m not the ONLY ninny to forget to remove the lens cap. After all these years, you’d think I’d get it by now.


        1. Which works great … IF your camera only uses one lens or all the lenses are the same size. Which is not true of the Olympus. I DO have those leashed ones on the panasonic which has one super zoom lens. It’s GREAT.


  1. Would appear we have a few things in common? Except, being a man, i naturally do not scream when removing spiders from beds!

    There is a favourite TV show of mine from the UK called ‘The I.T. Crowd’ about a small IT department in an inner city business and whenever anyone rings them the first line they reply with is “Have you turned it off and back on again??” 😉

    As for your camera cap problem – i have the perfect solution and i’m trying to send you a pic of it. ( Is there a way to include images in wordpress reply’s??)



    1. I have one like that on my big Lumix (Panasonic) camera, but haven’t found any like that for my Olympus cameras. I will have to look around. The Olympus uses a lot of different lenses and not all the lenses use the same size lens cap, so it might not be practical. But it’s GREAT on the “one lens, do it all” camera.


  2. Marilyn, I don’t scream about spiders any more…years of practice not being a “girl” (though I’m not sure now now why I thought that was a bad thing).

    Anyway, I still do the spider dance…mostly in silence. You can read about it here https://theseekersdungeon.com/2015/11/20/walking-with-intention-day-20-by-kathie-arcide/

    I blame my spider reaction on a cousin, who, when I was 9 years old, put the exact spider pictured above in the bottom of my sleeping bag. I found it with my toes. SCREAM! Oh, duh, I was on a horseback camping trip with all my older boy cousins. I had horned my way in. Of COURSE, I didn’t scream! Couldn’t let them win some contest I had no real understanding of yet.

    Apparently, I’m still learning some male/female lesson though. Something goes wrong with the computer and I try all the usual things…rebooting, etc. And nothing works. So I foolishly (or maybe not) ask James or Michael to come and help me. They do the exact thing I just did myself, and for them, it WORKS perfectly!!!

    This also happens when trying to open the too-tight lid of a new jar, or make something work in the car.

    Hmm, I must have more energy about this than I thought. I am POUNDING these words out on the keyboard. If I’m not careful, I might have to ask for help fixing it.


    Anyway, wonderful, thought provoking post!.


    1. Rebooting sometimes has to be done twice. Occasionally, three times.

      I’m different about bugs OUTSIDE than INSIDE. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. Outside, they make me feel icky, but I brush them off. INSIDE, I get CRAZY.

      As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered no one I know understands more about the computer than I do. At least locally. If I’m willing to do some serious traveling, there are people who can really make things work. Around here, though, I’m pretty much it. And I’ve lost a lot of knowledge as OS’s change, but I can still find my way around an application. I’ll read your piece!

      I think my original feeling about spiders had to do with my brother and spiders and my bed. Just saying.

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  3. Spider in your bed – OMG – that’s worth freaking out about. I know that insects can come in with the laundry if you hang it on the line, but at this time of year that isn’t likely to happen.


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